Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Greatest Achievements - I'm Still Alive and Have a Family

Though storm clouds have come and gone, somehow, with the grace of God, I've made it through this far, which is much longer than I should have. I also have a family I should have not lived long enough to have.

Photo © 2010 PK Hawk
There area many things I could choose to call my greatest achievements. I guess having my two daughters and living though many life-threatening illnesses and nearly bleeding to death at least twice would also qualify. I should not have even lived to be nine years old, but thanks to penicillin, caring parents and good doctors, I have made it to sixty-five, and have my two daughters, ages forty-six and thirty-seven. I also have four wonderful grandchildren, ages from 17 to 23.

After a miscarriage when my oldest daughter was only about seven months old, I lost another one, (a son) when I didn't even know I was expecting. So we waited for nine years before having our younger daughter.

I had a serious reaction to an antibiotic called Keflex after having surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator, (just to help prevent infection) and nearly ended up with a colostomy, and nearly died from bleeding until my red-cell count was only three of four.

I have outlived my dear parents, and my late husband, as well. So, I suppose you could call those all achievements, that deserve recognition. Of course I had lots of help, too. I have also survived a serious spinal cord injury, that has killed several football players, or left them in wheelchairs. I can at least walk and talk and even type, so that is a pretty good trade-off, too.

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