Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taking a Stand, Always!

Dottie & Frankie, Rescued
and Adopted Happily Ever After
Photo Courtesy of Hamalot Pig Rescue
Honestly, I can't think of a time when I didn't stand up for what I believed in. I fought to save more than 300 Pot Belly Pigs which were about to be destroyed, twice. Once by local Animal Control and Code enforcement, and again when a so-called Pot Belly Pig rescue group decided they have bitten off more than they could handle, getting all of those same pigs spayed/neutered, wormed, vaccinated and relocated to forever homes, and/or pig sanctuaries. They had decided that to save face, and not have a failed rescue hang over their heads, they would simply shoot all three hundred pigs that were left on the property in question. They then attempted to sabotage the efforts of myself, and the ones who came to the rescue when they had failed, in placing all the remaining adult and younger pigs.

With the help of others involved in Pot Belly Pig rescue,and sanctuaries, every last one was saved and not one was killed for lack of a new home, or permanent relocation in a sanctuary. Some that stayed in various sanctuaries from clear across the country were not suitable for private homes, but they were heathy, and altered so as not to reproduce, so they could live out their lives doing what pigs love to do. They have been able to have the company of other pigs, and get good healthy food, and any needed vaccinations and health care, as well.

I have also been doing everything in my power to educate the public, as well as other legitimate pet rescue organizations about "Fake Rescuers" who say they will get homes for people's pets, or strays which are perfectly placeable, but who have them all destroyed, usually within a few hours of taking them in. These people not only take in animals, usually cats and dogs, but will take in any animal off the street, which may have just gotten out of it's yard, only to kill it.

These people are usually part of some non-profit organization that represents itself to care for animals, and even collects donations for such work, but really uses the funds to trap, transport and kill tens of thousands of perfectly adoptable pets annually, in my area of southern California, alone. One place alone, of which I have personal knowledge, in San Bernardino, CA in one year killed nearly 10,000 pets that were transported to their facility by "Fake Rescuers." They finally admitted that the greater percentage were killed after hours, to prevent people from knowing what they were doing. It finally became public in February 2010, when it made front page news in our primary local newspaper on February 8, 2010. At least two veterinarians who had worked there, were fired once they complained and refused to turn a blind eye to the fact, as well as the fact that people who had no legal access to the drugs were using the "blue juice" to kill the animals. There is more to this story, and it would make you sick to learn about it. Suffice it to say, most of these animals weren't killed so kindly as your vet would do, in your presence.

Well known organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States fully supports these groups, and at least some of the low cost HSUS spay/neuter clinics are in this practice up to their eyeballs. It is pretty well known now, that PETA also encourages this activity, and even sends many hundreds, if not thousands of pets they take in to California for destruction.
The syringe here, is filled 
with "blue juice," which is 
the drug of choice for 
killing (euthanizing) animals

If anyone tells you that they will take your animal, immediately, beware! If anyone says the can and do place every animal they take in, run the other way, as fast as you can! Even many legitimate rescuers who find homes for many pets, aren't all "no-kill." But, at least you know your pet or stray stands a better chance of being placed than those who only say they will, but who don't even try to find homes.

Special Needs from birth
Deformed hind foot and leg.
He has no idea he can't do
 everything other cats do.
It's best to contact groups who actually do adoption shows at places such as PetSmart, or PetCo, or someplace else where they allow pet rescuers show adoptable pets, rather than give your pet up to someone who meets you in a parking lots and/or won't even give you a copy of your release which states they they are a no-kill rescue.

You can't necessarily take the recommendation a veterinarian. Many either don't really know the people who may have their flier or card available in the vet's office. Some vets even encourage people to surrender animals to known killers.  

The great majority of these animal that are "euthanized," (destroyed, put to sleep, killed) aren't even seen by a vet, but are killed by the same persons who trapped them or otherwise took them in from unsuspecting people, who were lied to, and probably even donated money, thinking they were helping spay/neuter, feed, and otherwise care for these animals.

Stay aware, and informed.

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