Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remember 10/10/10? Why?

Why on earth do you waste time with such poppycock, Plinky?

Good heavens, it's looking more and more like is scraping the bottom of the barrel for interesting prompts.

Those who believe in numerology seem to think it's some pivotal date, but to normal folk, it's just another day on the calendar. I guess it might be a cool date to get married, or have your baby, since you should not so easily forget that one. Wo be to the hubby who forgets this anniversary date.

Otherwise, a day is a day, is a day.  Next thing you know, someone will want to make it into some national or world holiday, or something.

Didn't we get a message from plinky that they are planning on canceling in favor of some other thing they have been working on?  Might this have anything to do with the planned demise of plinky all together?

Most rational people already know the economy is in the tank, and that in some areas, the unemployment is at or above 20%. It's been on the news that most large banks are halting foreclosure proceedings on practically every parcel they have on their foreclosure/dumped/abandoned/or in arrears properties, just to be sure they are legitimately due for foreclosure. By the way, did you know that not all banks that are suing to recover losses from people who were foreclosed on, even have hardcopy proof that they are even the legal mortgage company? Many don't even have your signature of anything saying you owe them anything at all?

Many consumer advocates have been telling folks that they should be sure to demand this proof in the original form, in case it ends up in court? Just think; Do you recall how these unscrupulous loan brokers cut these mortgages into thousands of pieces for investors all over the globe? This is precisely why many don't even have legal rights to sue for anything they may have lost in the bad deals they were all trading like thieves in the woods.

We realize this will also affect the nation's economy even more. We already know that Social Security checks will not get another increase until at least 2012, as well. Even though government says there is no inflation, they why are groceries and many other things costing more? Just compare your utility bills of today to those only a year or two ago. It's not the usage that has necessarily increased, it's the kilowatt rate that's gone up, and the monthly service charges.

Now, Southern California Edison is installing new two-way communicating meters that can be controlled from their end, as well as your usage reading being electronically sent to SCE on a daily basis. For businesses, it will be sent every fifteen minutes.

We also know that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled everyday, so what doesn't plinky make a few prompts that are more in tune with real life, or how the plinky writers imagine they will handle these approaching situations?

Maybe plinky writers could write a story about life changes during the next few months or years.

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