Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Day as a Celebrity?

Celebrity may not be all it's cracked up to be. Have you ever considered how most celebrities live?

No one comes to mind whose life I would wish to imitate. Apparently, being a celebrity doesn't mean you are a decent person. It only means you have done something that brings you into the eye of the public, whether you are a popular actor, singer, or a well known multi-millionaire. Most of the so-called celebrities are actually either drug addicts, drunkards, or lead an immoral lifestyle. Look at all the well paid politicians whose lives are "train wrecks." Look at world leaders, who are leading extremely immoral and filthy lives. Look how they have pulled the wool over the eyes of the public, and taxed them into oblivion. Yet, most of these people are looked up to, held in high esteem. Why would anyone ever emulate someone such as these people?

Sports stars are pretty much like the rest of the celebrities, looking only for their personal pleasure, and living lives like the garbage they roll in, while sleeping with everyone and about everything with which they have the opportunity.

People who never get into the public eye are more likely to be a more upright and caring, sharing, loving person than is anyone who is always in the news. Most actors who are generally considered "good people" are, in many cases either on stage or in movies, playing the part of lovers in illicit or illegal affairs, thieves, killers, etc. Even those whose private lives may not be well known, are very filthy in their speech, or by overt or veiled references to immorality.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the public's lives have been affected negatively by their looking up to and idolizing such filthy people. Look how so many of the very young people are copying the mode of dress, as well as the lives of suchlike ones. Just because these things have become acceptable to the general population, certainly doesn't mean it's acceptable to God, or even most people who are living decently, and who are trying to bring up their children to have self respect, and to respect and to care for others.

Take for example, even people who play the "good guy" in some TV series, or movie. Though many are in real life married, and may even have children, they may play a role in which they are required to kill, and maybe even "sleep" with someone who is also playing a part, (their "love interest," perhaps). Many a Hollywood marriage has broken up from such a situation, wrecking the lives of many children and spouses of those "celebrity actors."  

Sex still sells, and it will continue to do so, as long a people continue to "buy into it," and continue to feed their inner immorality, greed and lack of self-respect.  It's a sad state of affairs when persons who are morally bankrupt are put on a pedestal and catered to simply because they may have a pretty, or handsome face, and lovely or buff body.  

How many TV, or otherwise well known evangelists can you think of who were child molesters or have been exposed as only "money-grubbing" people who were taking money from the unsuspecting public, living extravagant life-styles, wearing suits that cost thousands of dollars, and living in multi-million dollar homes? Many of these also live vulgar lives, having sex with prostitutes, forcing female or even male employees to engage in sex, while pretending to be "holier than thou."

God's own Son did nothing but good, and look how he was treated. Even today, many try to smear his name by claiming he had children by Mary Magdalene. He himself only told her of his Father's plan to clean up this filthy planet and to remove all wickedness, and she listened. Mary Magdalene changed her life, and also became a follower of Jesus, because she recognized that he was telling her the truth, and was not just trying to seduce her.

I would rather live in a tent, than live the life of a celebrity, because I would no longer have any respect for myself if I lived as they do, in drunkenness, and immorality, and/or a drug induced stupor.

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