Monday, October 18, 2010

Superstitions: A Falsehood and Deception

The scriptures state that the "Truth will set you free," not enslave you.
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I believe superstitions are foolish.

If one truly believes in the Bible as God's word, and follows it's principles of love and following in Christ's footsteps, they are free of all such things as superstitions and traditions of men.
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False religion enslaves people, manipulating them into doing things directly opposed to the teachings of Christ Jesus, and his Father, Jehovah God, mankind's creator.

All Bible law is based on one very simple thing: That we should love each other, and have no other gods before our Creator. After all, he sent his Son to show us the way and to redeem obedient mankind from the death sentence we inherited from Adam. When Adam and Eve sinned, they passed on sin and death to everyone born since that time.

Only those who listen to Christ Jesus, and search for the real truths in the Bible, applying them in their daily life, and helping others to also learn the things God inspired to be written for our instruction, will have an opportunity for forgiveness, and everlasting life on earth.

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