Friday, October 15, 2010

What I'd Do With a Million Dollars

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
How I would use a free $1,000,000

You may ask why things are in the order I have chosen.  That is simply for two reasons.  Family must come first, and if I didn't manage the money well to begin with, there would most likely be nothing left for the animals I want to help so very much.

First:  I would save about a third, no matter the interest being paid, for in the current economy, interest rates would not be enough to help very much in adding to the gross balance. It is also important only put $200,000 in any one bank, as FDIC only insures something like $250,000 per depositor. That size of deposit will leave room for whatever interest is paid. One could invest in reasonable CD’s, but they aren’t really paying anything much for shorter-term investors. It would be foolish, in my estimation to invest it is anything that extend some longer period of time, as I would be long dead, and unable to use the money as I planned.

Second:  I would pay off every mortgage in my family, freeing them up, from added stresses of today’s economy. I don’t have a mortgage, to that one’s a wash. My dear sister and her husband work like slaves, and always have been very good about their finances, but with things as they are, my brother-in-law’s business has fallen off, as have so many. I know they are stretched to their limit, and I would love to be able to help relieve that strain.

Third:  I would replace all the vehicles in the family, or pay off their current car loans, so they would only have to deal with maintenance and insurance, and licensing fees, plus of course gas, etc.  Yes, I’ve done my math, and I still would have enough to change out my home, with plenty to spare.

Fourth:  I would get that patent I have been wanting for the previous item of which I wrote about my invention. Then, maybe I would consider selling the patent, depending on interest, and likely residual income from sale of the products.

Get Your Pets Spayed or Neutered.
Help Stop Pet Overpopulation The No-Kill Way 
Fifth:   I would go ahead and start that 501 c (3) that I have been forced to run as a proprietorship due to lack of money to turn it into a non-profit organization.  All the proceeds from my invention would go to the Non-Profit Organization for helping spay and neuter pets.

Sixth: I would then, and only then, dip into the money I have put aside, for getting started helping spay/neuter of pets, including, but certainly not limited to, dogs, cats, and pet pigs in the southern California area where I live, as I know for a fact, this area is in deep trouble with animals that are going unaltered, simply due to lack of reasonably priced veterinarians, who will do low cost surgeries.

Within some eighty miles, there are only five vets who do low cost spay and neuter, and none are within thirty-five miles. Even though my very local area has a very recently completed non-profit shelter, when they had to cut costs of construction, the first thing they removed from their list of services was the low cost spay/neuter clinic that had originally been planned.

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