Tuesday, October 19, 2010

After A Freak Storm

Photo ©2010 Helen Dawson

This photo was taken from the road in front of my home this week, just a couple of hours after a freak storm that doused one area about five miles north of here, and another area about fifteen miles to the south, just north of the San Diego County line. We received nary a drop, nor did we actually get the direct lightning flashing across the heavens any closer than the area five miles north that actually got both.

Late that afternoon I went out to feed my pond fish, and saw some really spectacularly gorgeous skies. The sun was just below the peaks of the nearby mountains, and the clouds that remained from our earlier weird lightning display and the flash flood threat had passed. However, the entire sky was a fantastic display, scattered with the type of clouds you see in my photo above. Toward the east the clouds were thinner and in some places, wispy, but still all pink, and varying hues of soft mauve, orange and deeper lavender as far as the horizon and distant mountain peaks.

This was just breathtaking, and something we may not usually take time to go outside and just stop, to take it all in. There is no artist on earth that can truly match the hues, and brushstrokes on nature's pallet.

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