Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Invented it Already - Just Need the Patent

Don't you get frustrated when you bed is all nice and neat, and your mattress just won't stay in place?

Invention already done, just not patented yet. I can't get too detailed, as this is something that concerns our every day, and night.

Have ever wished that your top mattress would stop sliding to one side or the other, so it doesn't mess up the way you have made your bed? I certainly have, so I designed it. Actually, I have designed several for several price ranges, so anyone could afford them.

This will allow making the bed, without removing the gizmo, too. You could change your sheets, and blankets, and your top mattress will still stay in place, still allowing you to lift it up for proper fitting of "fitted" or flat sheets as well as blankets.

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