Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Pugsly & Snow Bear"

I Can't Help But Smile, It Not Outright Laugh Out Loud

I can't help but not only smile, but break out in belly laughs, when this 5 pound Chihuahua, ,"Pugsly" and my 50 to 60 pound Mixed Australian Shepherd, "Snow Bear" play together like they are both puppies.

"Snow Bear is about 9½ years old, and "Pugsly will be a year old the end of October 2010.   They play before going to sleep every evening, and whenever they get a chance, outside, they take turns chasing each other from the front yard to the rear, and back, several times.

"Snow Bear" is very patient with her little buddy, but doesn't spoil him, either. If he steps over the line, she shows her teeth, and he gets the message very clearly. Still, I never leave them alone, as dogs are still animals, and should "Snow Bear" ever lose control, and really get angry at him, she could kill him before she even knew what she was doing. They are quite a pair.

Then, add Sequoia Dawn and Peanut into the mix, and it can get pretty funny.

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