Friday, October 8, 2010

Me and My Neighbor(s)

A neighbor can be many things...

Chicken and Mushroom Stew - Original Taste - Alpha
I try to always be a good neighbor. However, a neighbor also includes many more people than just who may live in your neighborhood. Why you ask? Well, scripturally, everyone on earth is our neighbor in one respect or another. How we treat others, in general more often that not, affects the way they will treat us, too. Even if we don't see immediate results, they will remember your kindness and your being nice to them.

"Pugsly" ©2010 PK Hawk
I have my property completely fenced in, so my dogs aren't running loose causing problems for my neighbors,  either.  Most, if not all of my neighbors know I have been in pet rescue for years, so they are really great about my occasional extra dog or two.  They all know they can always come to me for information and help if they have any animal related problems.  That's how I got "Pugsly," a four-month-old Chihuahua puppy that was in a life threatening situation. One of my neighbors knew a family who had gotten this little guy when he was only 8 weeks old, and their little girl didn't know how to handle a small puppy.  Her parents obviously were not knowledgeable on the subject, either. So, my neighbor contacted me, and they surrendered the four-month -old puppy to me.  Since he has permanent damage to his right foreleg, I kept him.

Has a new neighbor moved into your neighborhood? Try taking over a simple tasty dish, or some cookies or a homemade pie to welcome them. If you know your neighbor is ill, offer to make a meal, even if it's only canned soup, most likely, it will be appreciated. Even if they decline, they will remember that you offered. Maybe their laundry needs attention. Maybe you can cut the grass, or water the lawn. Just offer. It never hurts to ask if you can help in some way.

Even is we have horrible neighbors, as did my parents in their golden years, when I had contact with that particular person, I never treated him as an ogre, even though he certainly was at first. When he accused my daughters of throwing something as his dog, rather than rebuffing him, I simply stated that we loved animals, and would never do anything that might injure his dog, or anyone else's either.

He ended up turning into a reasonably good neighbor, too. When his lovely wife contracted cancer, (she was loved by everyone who knew her) he learned how people respond to a gentle and loving person, when everyone came to help, and how many people showed up at her funeral, as well.

It touched his heart, and that's what we all need. Even a terrible neighbor may eventually be reached. Don't be nosey, or insist on immediate results, just be unyieldingly polite, kind, and non-intrusively polite, and thoughtful.

While we can't win them all, we may even unknown to ourselves, eventually help that person to realize that not everyone alive is their enemy.

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