Friday, October 15, 2010

If I Could Invent Anything - A Non-Polluting Recycler

Nature is the best recycler that exists, yet man is destroying it as fast as humanly possible.

Recyclables ready for sorting
I would like to be able to design and create a way to recycle without causing more pollution. While many things are now recyclable, that process alone also created pollution.

Only in the past several years have fire departments and some governments discovered that allowing forests to burn actually makes for healthier forests, and allows seeds to germinate and grow, that would never done so, if they had not been burned first.

So, man has much to learn about our planet and things we use everyday, and they are building so-called non-polluting or lower carbon footprint cars, and SUVs. They totally don't tell people about how much more damaging it is to dig up the earth in one place to get materials to make those batteries, which are made in other parts of the world from where they get the raw materials that are used to make those batteries.

Then, even if you do drive those cars, the batteries are terrible expensive, and the cars will only last a few years before they need to also be recycled.

So, someone, maybe myself needs to develop a way to recycle things that must be recycled, and not cause more pollution along the way.

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