Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Do People Feel the Need to Blog?

Writing to Her Blog
Have you ever wondered why so many blogs exist, and what people get out of blogging?  I suppose there could be as many reasons as there are people who write to blogs.

Some blogs, of course serve as news sources, others allow the writer to blow off some steam and frustration about various topics, while other blogs serve to save the blogger from having to pay for a regular web site, and a domain name.

Many pet adoption people use blogs to advertise the dogs and cats, or other species of animal they may have that needs a new home.  It allows people to vent, or to share ideas, as well as photos, news going on in and around their vicinity, and one, if they so desire may remain relatively anonymous, unless they choose to do otherwise.

On my own personal blog, I write about many different topics, and use many photographs I personally took near the area in which I live.  There are times I vent, and other times, I share interesting, or important information regarding dogs and cats, as well as other animals people keep for pets.  I have also written some informative articles about health and diet, as well as given a few tips for diabetics and obesity.
Range Fed Meat Cattle
Many are taken to Feed Lots
to be fattened up on GMO Corn, including the
kernels, stocks, leaves, and the empty cobs.
I have touched upon the subject of Bariatric Bypass surgical procedures, and shared a little about some personal friends who may have had such a procedure.  I also have shared names of videos that one may learn about eating healthier, as well as how to be more aware of things in our foods which are toxic, and how some big commercial food growers, and distributors are adding things to what we eat that is now causing all types of health problems.  I also have written about GMO (genetically modified organisms) which are at least unhealthy to eat, or even feed our pets.  I have shown where you can find these documentary videos, in hopes that you, too will sit up and take notice in regards to what you eat, and feed your family as well as your pets, and even livestock.
Young Dairy Cows

Sometimes, I will write a poem, or a fictionalized version of a story based on actual situations, in my own life, or that of someone I may know.  I hope you are at least somewhat interested in my writing, as I do enjoy seeing people enjoy my writing, as much as I enjoy seeing them enjoy eating what I have cooked and served at my table and at the little cafe my late husband and I had at one time.

If you like, or even dislike what I write, please feel free to leave a comment.  I do pay attention to feedback from readers.

While some dairies are now producing hormone free dairy products, many are still filling their cows with growth hormones, to make them produce more milk, and they tell you, the consumer, that this hormone is safe for you and your children.. When my children were growing up, they also drank milk from the super market, which was the same hormone laden milk most children drink today.  My youngest daughter matured to menses at age ten and a half.  She started needing a brassier at age eight or nine.

The animal on the left is a mixed Nubian Goat.
Nubians goats have richer milk than other breeds.
The three other light-colored animals are sheep.
To the right, there is a charcoal colored pygmy goat.
Most people get their goats milk from the larger breeds.
many people also drink sheep milk, and even make
cheese from it, too.
When I was growing up, in my teens, my father bought several dairy goats, and we had nothing from then on except raw goat milk, cheese made from the raw milk out goats produced, and even homemade ice cream made, also from the raw goat milk out goats produced.  I was the one who milked them, twice daily, all five producing milk goats.

Our local area is fortunate to have a local dairy which refuses to use hormones on their dairy cows.  Since most, if not all milk producers are required to have their cows milk pasteurized, it isn't raw milk, but it is the next best thing, as cow milk.

Do you know that more people on earth drink goats milk, and percentage wise, people drinking cows milk are relatively few.  The curd of milk from cows in larger, and harder to digest than that of milk from goats.  Many people who cannot tolerate cow milk, can drink goats milk without any negative reaction.

Nearly 100% of corn produced in the United States
today is genetically modified to withstand weed killing
chemicals, as well as producing much higher natural
pesticides than it was originally intended to produce.
Meat we eat that is fattened up in feed lots, are fed
these genetically modified grains, such as corn and soy, and it also has added high fructose corn syrup, which is also a chemically treated by product of the corn.  Corn nowadays, is not nearly as nutritious as it was some thirty or forty years ago, also   due to the genetic changes and additions performed in the laboratory, instead of by cross-pollinating, which is how the process was done previously, which was not manipulating the natural ability of plants to bring forth different and new varieties of crops.  Bees, which have always been the main source of pollination, are now endangered, and in many parts of the country, most hives do not survive even one season, and more and more queen bees must be imported from other countries in order to keep hives of pollinating bees going.

These videos are available on http://www.

* King Corn

*Food Inc.

*Food Matters

Eat well, feel better, live longer


There are many more videos available, also on that are also documentaries on how our food is raised,  sprayed, and genetically modified, making it actually damaging to our long term health, as well as that of our children. 

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