Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do You Take More After Your Father or Mother?

Teaching Their Children
For the most part, my personality is more like my Dad's. In stature, and in some things, I am like my Mother, but she was born into a different generation, where women weren't really expected to be outgoing, and verbal. 

My Mother was very creative, well educated, and just a lovely person, while Dad was more outgoing, and interested in many things, always looking to learn something new about anything and just about everything. Dad was very cerebral, yet, he also loved working with his hands. He loved working with electricity, so became a Journeyman Electrician. When we lived in Ohio, he was a contractor, specializing in electrical work of all kinds, which provided very well for his family. Dad was also a Minister, who while far from being perfect, really lived what the Bible teaches.

Father Shows Son
Hands On
My Dad and I did practically everything together, from electrical work, mechanical work on our family cars, working with our animals, such as our fifteen milk goats, working in our yard, trimming tall hedges, etc. I guess I was sort of the son my Father never had, and I loved it all. From public speaking to doing a tuneup on my car, milking our goats twice a day, and helping Mom do the cooking, and laundry. 

Public Speaking
I have always liked learning new things, and doing the things I have learned. Even changing my own tires, certainly did help save a lot of time. When I was growing up, these were things girls simply 'didn't do,' but I loved it all. Mom was very artistic, had an outstanding singing voice (lyric Soprano) and did some really wonderful pencil sketches. She sewed, and was more of a homebody than either my sisters or I are. My eldest Granddaughter seems to take more after my Mother in that way.


  1. Women who bonded with their Dads have the much greater success in the business world and are more independent and self confident. That is a fact! I cannot stress too much the importance of attentive fathers with their daughters...a great read and worthy of an independent discussion too!

  2. I definitely agree with you there, Susan. While my elder sister had a lot of potential, she was never very close to Dad, and while she tried, she was way too overpowering for most people to deal with for more than a short while. She failed to learn that her way isn't necessarily the only way, or the best way. She means well, but is sort of a emotional vampire. She is also bipolar, which may well be connected to her disjointed ideas. I just wish we could be closer than we have been. It's too draining to keep her occupied.