Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Influenced Me As A Child, And Why I Think The Way I Do Today

Adam and Eve, Before They Sinned
Painting from Wikipedia
Though I have always been on the side of truth and justice, I have honestly been influenced by things I learned from my parents. They taught us from the Scriptures about Jesus Christ, his followers, and all the patriarchs and our ancestors throughout Bible History. There have been times when I was very young and I saw my sister doing some seriously wrong things, such as when she stole $5 from my Aunt's purse. She told me, "Don't tell anyone." I did tell, and when I think about that now, that $5 was a lot more than it is now. The value of that $5, these days would have been valued at closer to $75, as that was back in the late 1940s. 

She also stole some candy from a store while my parents were shopping. When the got home, and discovered the theft, my father took her back to the store, and told the owner, who really goofed up, telling her that she could have it. My parents at that time could well afford candy, and the lesson was lost which my dad was trying to inculcate on her. 

She always seemed to feel entitled to whatever she wanted, and that, in addition to her being bipolar, and the fact that she was born with a cleft pallet made her life difficult as she was growing up.  Finally, she did straighten out, but even now, with her being Bipolar, she is difficult to live with.  Only GOD can fix that, and I know that she does love him, and his Son, Christ Jesus.  She no longer steals, or lies, and that really makes a lot of difference. 

Sure, I watched such shows as Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, The Lone Ranger, Sky King, Sheriff John, and a whole slew of others. These just strengthened my natural instinct for right. I first rescued an animal when I was only about two or three, and I have never stopped. I have always tried to help others, whenever I could, too. 

I developed a real interest in law, and really couldn't decide whether I wanted to be a lawyer, or a doctor. Alas, that was not to be, as my health in my youth prevented me from doing many things which I dreamed of. 

I have certainly also done my share of teaching others, about the Bible, and about pet care, and keep doing what I can to keep my own life clean, and free from such disgusting habits as smoking, drunkenness, lying and cheating. I certainly am not a perfect person, but I know that one day, Jehovah God, with his Son, Christ Jesus, will do away with suffering, sickness, bullying, cheating, killing, and all such things. As Revelations states, Death, will also be done away with, as it is man's worse enemy. 

I still have limited tolerance for wrongdoers, and no tolerance for liars. I firmly believe that when someone does something dishonest, they should be held accountable. I hate lies, and will not cover for anyone who lies. 

Satan told the first lie, when he told Eve that she certainly would not die if she partook of the fruit of the tree which GOD had told Adam they should not eat from or even touch. When Eve gave Adam some of the fruit, instead of telling her she had done wrong, and talking to their Heavenly Father about it, he also ate it. When they were later discovered, Adam as much as blamed GOD, for it was "the woman GOD had given him who gave him the fruit, 'so I ate.'" 

They both knew that eating from, or even touching that one, single tree would mean death to them. It wasn't as if they didn't have anything else to eat, as GOD also told them that they could eat from every other tree in the Garden, just not from that one tree. 

So, when they finally produced children, they also inherited sin and death, which Adam and Eve were no longer perfect as they had been before sinning. 

This is the reason we live in such a wicked world now. That's why there are so many greedy, hateful, and wicked people. That is also why we have sickness and death. No matter how hard man tries to discover the reason for death, he can never do anything which will keep man from dying eventually. Only the ransom sacrifice paid by Christ Jesus will fix that, when GOD, Jehovah tells Christ Jesus and the angels that the time has come for Armageddon, the battle talked about in the Scriptures, which will end man's and Satan's running things on earth.  The Bible, GOD's Word, promises that wars will cease as well.

Then, and only then, will there be peace on this earth. GOD said that the earth was made for man, and man for the earth. He also stated that the earth will abide forever. In Isaiah 11:6-9, there is a small example of what living on that perfect earthly paradise will be like. Also, the Bible teaches that those in the "memorial tombs" will be resurrected, and taught the truth of the Bible and of our Heavenly Father. Satan will be gone, and man will have a thousand years to return to perfection, that Adam and Even lost due to disobedience.
                                                           " The lion and the lamb
                                                        will feed together."
                                                               "Together their young ones will lie down"

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