Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eye Contact

Two Different Stories?
I am big on "Eye Contact." When I speak with someone, I usually look them in the eyes, as that is not only maintaing contact, but it also lets them know that you recognize them, and helps hold their attention. I only do the unblinking thing if it is called for. When someone insinuates I may not be telling the truth, they get the uninterrupted look. I'm not a liar, and I really don't appreciate anyone doubting what I have to say.

There is a saying, "The eyes are the window to the soul." I believe that is for the most part, very true. Only sociopaths can really look you in the eye, and lie through their teeth. A person who had principles should have no problem looking you in the eye/face, and telling you anything of import.

Once, someone actually questioned my veracity, and I was so thrown, that I really was pretty much speechless. In the world today, many more people take it for granted that everyone lies, and you can't trust what anyone says. That may be true in a limited way, but anyone worth their salt, will be honest in their speech, as well as their dealings with others.

Buying a Home?
If you can't believe anyone, then where does that leave you?  Of course you don't want to be gullible and foolish enough to believe everything you are told by just anyone.  It's important to be discerning, and observant when talking with someone.  Not everyone even blinks when they are lying. Some people are so accustomed to lying, or skirting the issue, that their conscience no longer bothers them when they lie.  That a sad state of affairs, but unfortunately it's becoming more ingrained in society today.

When it comes to business dealings, it's always best to get everything in writing.  Many people put their trust in something a sales person told them, only to find out later, that it was a complete lie.

Love or Attraction?
When buying a car or home, don't you hire an expert to examine it before actually putting out your hard earned cash?  When you buy a car, it's always wise to have it gone over by a qualified, and trusted mechanic.  Have you never heard the saying, "Let the buyer beware?"  Most people make a mistake at times, but overall, it's always better to think over important purchases before jumping in with both feet.

If you are considering marriage, that amounts to getting to really know someone, and not just jumping into a relationship, especially if it's someone you may have known for only a short time.

It's usually in the eyes

Are eyes the window to the soul?

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