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Forgotten Angels in Need

This is a special article reprinted with permission of Forgotten Angels, to help them in transporting and saving hundreds of pigs of any size or breed, as well as pretty much any animal in need.
Forgotten Angels
Pig Train

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Farm sow with piglets

1822 Meister Hills Rd
Deer Lodge, TN 37726


No matter what kind of animal we work to rescue, it always makes us feel good to know that it has a home. A special place to call home where it is not only loved but safe. One of the key ingredients of rescue is being able to transport to their new home. It is a vital part of our organization since we work all over.

Last year over 150 animals was transported by what we call the “piggy train” but not all the animals are pigs that get transport. Just this month 18 pigs left FL to be transported to new homes. During the trip to the NE more pigs were picked up along the way and transported. We have 33 pigs waiting to be moved from FL and SC which will be going to states like NC, TN, LA, MO and TX. Soon after that trip another train will be moving to haul over 32 pigs from Darlynn’s Darlins to GA, PA, OH, IN and IL. That’s a lot of animals being moved into new homes where they will be safe and loved.

Potbellied Pig (adult)
Here is part of the story as told by Carol Eiswald in NY on what happened on the last trip:

When the mishap occurred with the trailer containing 18 pigs, Ted Groff immediately came to the rescue with his trailer and transport expertise. Ted safely delivered 17 pigs to their intended destinations. Su and Jan kept a baby with them who needed special attention, who would later reunite with other pigs ultimately going to NY.

This, though, was not the end of the problem, and Dawn Camp stepped up to the plate to help. Dawn drove 6 hours from western New York down to Pennsylvania to take up where Ted left off. Keep in mind that there was record-breaking heat in the Northeast, with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, and Dawn's truck had no air conditioning. The train had long been committed to delivering a farm pig from Pennsylvania to New York, and then picking up 2 very large farm pigs in New Hampshire, and delivering them back to Pennsylvania. Also, transport was required to bring a little farm pig back to Pennsylvania to catch up with Su and Jan, who were bringing her to Georgia in the back of their SUV, along with another needy pig requiring transport to Florida. Yes, this is all convoluted and confusing, but it does give credence to the magnitude of what a Pig Train accomplishes.
An especially gratifying aspect of this whole episode is the way good Samaritans appeared out of nowhere to help. When the mishap occurred, strangers helped get the SUV and trailer to a nearby horse farm and necessary shade, brought the pigs lots of water, and helped in all sorts of ways before Ted and Dawn were able to take over. Even before the accident occurred, folks had made offers of respite from the driving, with offers of meals and overnight lodging along the way. The train seems to bring out the best in folks, once they realize what is being accomplished.

Many thanks and much gratitude is extended to all who help the Pig Train accomplish its goals, but especially for this particular trip, as it was fraught with difficulties. Still, all pigs were gotten to their intended destinations where they will live long and happy lives. They are among the few very lucky ones.

Pigs of all sizes and breeds, as well as more animals in need
are rescued and transported by the Piggy Train
Now we have a problem that will take all of us to solve.  The problem is that the trailer, which is a custom built Featherlite needs to have both axles replaced and two tires and a fender. Estimated cost for repair will be a little over $2700.00. Without this trailer and without the repairs being done, the next sixty five (65) pigs will have no way to get to their new homes.

We, the rescue community, needs this train to keep running. So we are asking for everyone to chip in with any size donation so that the upcoming piggy train will run on time. This is crucial to the rescue community who depend upon the train to make these rescues happen.

There are two ways to donate. First one is through and send to and mark it for trailer repairs. Second is to send a check through the mail to FAREC, 1822 Meister Hills Rd, Deer Lodge, TN 37726. Please don’t think that $5.00 won’t help. It will. If we all pull together we can get this trailer back on the road and ready for the next trip. The pigs and animals are counting on us. They can’t do it....but we can. But it will take each one of us making the sacrifice to make it happen.  

Thanking you in advance for helping the animals who need us so much.


We can't imagine our life without Darla Sue. She is a wonderful addition to our family.  Once again, thanks a million. Our lives are much richer with her in it. Kathy

"Journey and Jessica"
©2009 PK Hawk
Forgotten Angels also rescues horses


WMW El Halcon sorrel with lighter mane registered Peruvian Paso gelding 5 years, approx.. 13.2H not trained to ride but leads, loads, stands tied, can be trimmed, wormed, etc.

1. WMW El Azor palomino registered Peruvian Paso gelding 4 years, approx. 13.2H not trained to ride but leads, loads, stands tied, can be trimmed, wormed, etc.

Hannalea bay half Peruvian/half AQHA filly 2 years, approx. 13H (eligible for Part Blood Registry) not trained to ride but leads, loads, stands tied, can be trimmed, wormed, etc.

Lacey’s Wind Dancer Chestnut roan Appaloosa Mare, 11 years, approx. 14.2H was regularly ridden until two years ago when she was diagnosed with a bone chip in her knee. She has been in a pasture since that time. Never bred.
Please email me directly and not through the list if you have any questions or interest in any of these horses. I have some photographs available.

Mari Worley
Worley's Hauling
P.O. Box 6651
Ventura, CA 93006

This organization is yours. It is for the animals. But we cannot do it without your help. A donation monthly of $5.00 will go a long way in helping animals get spay/neutered and transported once homes are found for them. Please consider a donation today. You can donate through by sending to  We thank you and all the animals thank you.


Learning who we are is like applying new makeup to an old face. Within Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center, you'll find people who you've personally known or heard about over the years. We are all friends doing what we do best, trying to make the world a safer place for all animals.

Some of us rescue and place potbellied pigs who have lost their homes or been abandoned. Others of us work to help animals such as dogs, cats, and farm animals. We are united in a strong belief that no animal should have to live in fear, filth, or be without food, water and shelter.

As a consequence, a decision was made that we would band together to work for a common cause while trying to make the world a safer place for all animals. Too often people don’t understand the fear, depression and even anger that an animal feels when it loses its home, doesn’t have enough to eat or even a place to get clean water...all things that most of us take for granted. These animals can do nothing to help themselves...they have no voice. They need each of us to speak up for them, and that's just what we plan to do.

We need your help. We can’t do it without each of you. We can lay the ground work and help get the word out, but even then we need more willing hands to come forth and say, “I want to be involved. I want to make a difference.” Together we can make that difference but none of us can do it alone. We all need each other. By reaching out we begin a chain reaction that will bring in even more help, then some more help, and so on it goes.

Please contact us at to see what and how you can be a part in making the world a safer place for all animals. Let's do it together...there is strength in numbers.

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