Friday, July 15, 2011

Embrace Life's Twists And Turns

Being open to change, and being flexible certainly pays off...
©2010 PK Hawk
I have lived all over the United States, well mostly the southern portions of the United States. There was a brief period of time that I lived in Mexico, more specifically Baja California. We lived in Playas de Rosarito for about a year and a half in the early 1980s. 

My late husband and I decided to take our two daughters, and move from Orange County, California to Rosarito (Playas de Rosarito, Baja Calfornia, Mexico) temporarily, while we were physically recovering from a traffic accident. It had already been nearly four years since we were rear-ended, and sidelined with serious back injuries. Neither of us were large people, and maybe that was part of the reason we were injured as badly as we were. Of course our car being completely totaled may also have had something to do with it.

We lived in Rosarito for about a year and a half. California had taken some serious financial hits, and prices were soaring. We finally moved, after selling off our contracting assets, such as several trucks, construction equipment, nursery stock, and anything else we had that would lighten the load financially, and help us get by until we could recover enough to be able to work again. We still had two minor daughters to support, and this seemed like the safest and most reasonable option.

It was probably the best choice at the time, though I would not necessarily recommend it to someone else, especially if they don't have their own means of support, such as being independently wealthy, or on Social Security, for example. Since me husband had duel citizenship, we were able to open a store where we sold practically everything but cigarettes and fresh meat. It was actually more of a large convenience store. It was called Super Ruiz Market. We also opened a cafe, called Bernie's Cafe.

Mexican Food
©2010 PK Hawk
Rosarito looked nothing like it does today. The old, original Rosarito Beach Hotel still existed, and there were no high rise hotels. There were many dirt roads, and even the police department had trouble keep their cruisers in running condition. One day, I will share a few of our experiences from that adventure in life.

There is another country I have always wanted to at least visit, if not actually live there. That is Australia. I have always loved wide-open spaces, and mountains, and Australia has them both in abundance.

Life in Australia could be hard, or if you are a city person, I suppose it could be pretty cushy, as well. Personally, I prefer living in a semi-rural style. I like some space, and my critters, such as chickens, horses, and maybe a few goats, for milk. Since a person also has to have a way to survive, and eat, one would also need to have a way to support his or herself. Since I am now retired, and disabled, I am on Social Security. The fact that I have several physical issues that preclude me working for anyone else, I would add to my income by writing, raising some meat for those who still eat that, and do something like I do now, building web sites for those who don't have the ability to do their own. Many people are finally learning the benefits of drinking goat milk, instead of cow milk, so the goats could be dairy goats. I might also raise other goats for meat, all fed naturally, of course, instead of all the junk they are now feeding livestock here at home. No corn, no soy, and except for the dairy goats, all range fed. 
Dairy goats must be fed more carefully, in order to protect the flavor of the milk and cheese, as well as to protect their health.

At my present age, leaving the country probably isn't going to happen, so I will try to be content with my present situation. I love living along the lakeshore. I also enjoy walking my dogs along the shore, and watching boats and people playing and fishing in the lake.

In life, there will always be a few twists and turns, and one needs to be ready to make needed changes in order to make it thought. Just look at it like another adventure you can talk about with your grandchildren one day. 


  1. You are a wonderful,interesting lady. I enjoy your posts. I have been a New Englander all of my life.One of my life hopes is to see the Western portion of our country. I often forget that the history there is younger...never have I been out of the US. Hope to go to Canada one day though :-)

  2. Hello Susan, It would be wonderful to actually meet you face to face. We seem to have so much in common that we would probably talk non-stop for days. I hope you had a good week of vacationing. It's nice to see you back with your blog, too. You must be really busy with your charges, as I don't see you blogging as much as usual, either.