Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Listen To Music While You Work?

This man may do better NOT listening to music while he works.
His life could depend on it.
Should you, or can you work while music is playing? Sure, if it's background music that is soothing, and not some RAP or Hard Rock, or Heavy Metal. It takes concentration for me to get things done. Of course if you work as a mechanic, at some fast food establishment, as a laborer, fence painter, or some other type of work that does not require you to be thinking, then most any type of music, (and I use that term loosely) will do. 

If you are doing housework, then music to your liking will most likely help you work even better, and maybe even faster. It would almost certainly make the task more pleasant. Have you ever heard the tune, "Whistle While You Work?" Many people in Bible Times were composers, and King David was both a composer, as well as playing many musical instruments. He even invented a couple of instruments that are still used today. He even played the harp for the King who he was chosen to replace. 
This man might sing, whistle,
 or even day dream while he works.
It would certainly help time
pass more pleasantly.

I write, read a lot, do photography, administrate several web sites and blogs, so I need to think about what I am doing, or going to do as I work. Otherwise, if I am distracted, it's easy to overlook a slight error, and that affects the quality of my work. Multitasking may be necessary at times, but it is usually better to be single-minded while you perform important things. 
This man probably
enjoys listening to
music while working

Even in construction, if a person is too distracted, they could either be injured, or possibly injure someone else, just because they simply did not have their mind on their work. 

Listening to music while knitting or crocheting helps pass the time, and allows one to possibly be a little more relaxed, and maybe even more creative. Some people prefer listing to white noise, such as CDs of someting like Spring rain, or a babbling brook, or even jungle noises. Music is a very personal thing, and there are nearly as many choices as there are people. 

Time to concentrate on
homework, not
on loud music 
Just think of all the thousands of songs, operas, ballads, and even so-called elevator music that has been written over thousands of years, and yet, there are plenty more to be written, all without any of them being exactly the same. Music moves people, body and soul. 

A nice time  when
music helps
Even animals love music. Did you know that many dairies actually play classical music for their cows? They claim that the cows are less stressed, and produce more milk when they play this type of music as opposed to more modern music. The song "Green Sleeves," was originally written more than four hundred years ago, and it is still loved today by many, myself included. 

There are times when one needs complete quiet in order to concentrate, or to let their mind wander without interference of any kind, such as when you may be working on your or planning an outline for a talk you will be giving in front of a large audience, or even writing a book. There is a time and place for everything under the sun, the Bible says, and that still holds true today, in our ultra modern world. Silence truly can be golden at times.

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