Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Major Responsibilities Have You Taken On, Or Managed? Three That I Took On and Completed

Life takes some interesting twists and turns. Follow your heart, and you will probably not go wrong.
An Example Of A Miniature Potbellied Pig Sow, With Two Eight Week-Old Piglets

Some things I have been responsible and accountable for, and not necessarily in this order, are: 
* Preparing a detailed bid for a landscaping project that ran some 50 miles from the 91 Freeway in Corona California, to the foothills of Rancho Cucuamonga, California. This also included negotiating the contract with the legal representative from the Army Corps of Engineers. The contract also included one years maintenance for the completed project. 

As many of you already know, I have been involved in pet rescue for many years, including dogs and cats. 
A piglet from the rescue prepared for surgery
©2003 PK Hawk
* One project I was involved in, on a completely different venue, was when I was involved in a major rescue effort of more than three hundred potbellied pigs, which the county was threatening to destroy. The three hundred pigs, did not include more than one hundred piglets born during the rescue project. I hand-raised nearly one hundred piglets, bottle feeding them, and taking care of any internal and external parasite infestations, as well as administering their vaccinations. Every piglet was eventually adopted into caring, forever homes, all across the country, and every adult was either adopted, or in case of some that were not really pets, they were transferred to pig sanctuaries, from California to states in the northeastern United States. Every animal was spayed or neutered, too. 
By the way, don't let some sharp miniature pig breeder tell you that "their piglets" won't ever get larger than twenty to fifty pounds.  They are in it for the money, and many of their piglets end up being dumped at the local animal shelter, when they get too large to keep in people's home.  It's a LIE.  Potbellied pigs are miniature when you consider that farm hogs can get from 700 to 1,000 pounds.  A Miniature pig will get from 100 to 150 pounds when it matures in three to five years.

* Last but certainly not least was the first huge responsibility for which I have been accountable and responsible was getting married, working with my late husband running our contracting firm, and raising our two daughters.  They both now have families of their own, with grown or nearly grown children who any parent would be proud of.

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