Sunday, July 31, 2011

Places or Things That Inspire You to Read, Write, or Study

My Writing Place
©2011 PK Hawk
Usually, the place I am most productive writing is at my IMAC. When I am out and about, I seldom have time for writing. Occasionally, I can sit at my favorite cafe and maybe make a few notes, but that is out of the ordinary. I am more likely to be reading or even studying at the cafe than writing. I do  some of my Bible based reading there.  It allows me time that I don't have to answer the telephone, or have someone knock on the door, or even let the dogs out.  I find it too distracting for creative writing anyway. Sometimes people may get a little loud talking on their cell phone, or the kind, helpful server will ask if I need anything, like more coffee, to which I usually just tell them to keep it coming.   But, it is still a better place sometimes than home.  Eating out is where I usually drink way too much coffee anyway.
Sunrise on the Lake
©2011 PK Hawk

I only go the the library to check out, or return books. So, that isn't the place for me to be most productive, either reading or writing. When I am home alone, and it's nice and quite, maybe with the radio on low, just for background noise, I can relax, and read, write and study.

When I am home, and need writing inspiration, I often set my computer on my photos, opening them to screen size, and let them run with pleasant, easy to listen to music.  That bring back happy memories, and gets my creative juices flowing a little better.

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