Friday, July 8, 2011

Secret Crimes? Will Someone Find Out? What Would You Do?

Sneaking something small is still stealing
If a person could get away with committing a crime, and be sure they would get away with it,  do you think most people would commit that crime?  How about yourself?  Speaking for myself, I know that a person may think they are hidden, and that no one else knows, but that isn't necessarily so.   If I were to give in to that temptation, and do such a thing, I know for a fact, that my conscience would not let me rest.  I know that my Creator knows, and that no matter is not another person on earth had knowledge of such a thing, GOD does know.  If your conscience didn't bother you, then you have a real problem.

This kind of reasoning contributes to the condition of the world today, falling into the misguided selfish personalities that are and have been running the world since recorded history began. Before that, Satan envied GOD, the Creator of everything, and lied to one of his first human creations, telling Eve that if she disobeyed GOD, and went ahead and ate the fruit of the tree which her husband had been told not even to touch, that she, too would become like GOD, knowing good and bad, and could make her own choices. 

Criminal activity is not only a crime against the state, but against one's own mental and spiritual stability, and even against one's family, as well. Crime affects everyone, either directly or indirectly. Prices of food and other goods are directly affected by the crime of shoplifting, as well as by employees who cheat their boss out of an honest days work. Families are thought of by many as being "old hat," outdated, a thing of the past. Yet, people who produce offspring seem to think that letting children make their own decisions and "do their own thing," is the wave of the future. Many children today are lacking anyone to really turn to for advice, except for their peers, who don't know how to take care of themselves, either. Children who don't have a parent who is home when they return from school, tend to get into some type of wrongdoing, such as running the streets and getting into trouble. Many turn to drugs and alcohol, because they are trying to numb themselves from feelings of loneliness, and frustration. They may be doing things that you as a parent would not approve, if you knew.  Many are sexually molested by so-called trusted friends, neighbors, baby-sitters, teachers, and many in the clergy, who were told they could trust.
Fenced and Gated Living Community

People live in barricaded, and fenced communities, with security guards, to protect them from criminals who dare to attempt entry to their homes. Yet, many of these same people think nothing of cheating and lying in order to gain riches, to live like most people can only see as fantasy on TV. 

Immorality is more rampant than every, with sexually transmitted diseases affecting not only the people who carry on an immoral lifestyle, but also the innocent, often unwanted children who are the product of such illicit behavior. Those who may be more careful about pregnancy, may carry the infection to their faithful marriage mate, bringing havoc into the life of someone completely innocent. Then, eventually, the truth come out, and this leads to divorce, and more children without two loving parents. 

Children Need Parental Companionship, and Guidance
Men in power the world over have been evil, taking from the people they are sworn to protect, and to serve. Many have their names in history books, but not so they can be praised for helping people, and to make their land a better place, but because many have killed millions upon millions of people in their own country, leaving their decaying corpses to feed maggots, worms and vultures. If and when they were finally buried, they were thrown in pits, by the hundreds, with people who were still alive, or slowly dying, thrown on top of already stinking, rotting bodies. 
Kremlin in Russia
Known for many atrocities 
The few people who have attempted to help provide better lives for the people within their borders, in many cases, are either eventually corrupted, or assassinated for their getting in the way of others who would rule only to their own benefit. Man says they want to stop wars, yet, wars continue, and to kill and otherwise ruin human lives the world over. 

People are led to believe that GOD, if he even exists, is vengeful, and to be greatly feared. Many religious leaders tell people only part of what the Bible says about the only true and living GOD. They don't tell them his name, or that he sent his beloved Son to save people from the destiny we inherited from Adam and Eve. They sinned against their Heavenly Father, and they paid the price which he had already told Adam that if they even touched that one, particular tree, they would die. Not only did they touch the tree, they also ate from it, literally stealing from their Heavenly Father. 

Not all crimes are quite
so obvious
Since they sinned before having any children, when they finally did produce offspring, those innocent children, our ancestors, also inherited sin and death, since after sinning, Adam and Eve were no longer perfect, as they had been prior to sinning. 

if you are a person who claims to be a Christian, then take the time to find out the truth about your GOD, and his Son, Christ Jesus. Jesus is not the Almighty, though he is our redeemer, as he paid a ransom to save people who would obey his Father, and follow the examples he himself left for man to follow. Christ was completely innocent, and yet the people who claimed to love his Father, told Pilot to release a hardened criminal, and to impale GOD's

Man was made for the earth, and earth was made for man, and man was created with living in peace in his heart. Death is man's worse enemy, and GOD's word the Bible promises that death will be done away with, as man's final enemy is destroyed.

GOD promises that all people who listen to his word, and live by it, following in the footsteps of his Son, can live forever on an earthly paradise as he intended from the beginning.

As the Holy Scriptures plainly state, "Love never fails.:  "Love is not supposed to hurt."  When we do evil, we hurt someone. Maybe our own self, definitely our loved ones.

Just as surely as the sun rises,
GOD word will come to pass

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