Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Sights And Sounds

©2011 PK Hawk
Since I have moved closer to the lake, I really have noticed quite a difference in sounds, and even the feel in the air here, as opposed to the sounds I heard at my old place. There, in summer there were more cars that travelled past my home, and more children, especially older ones, who rode their bikes, and motorcycles past. I lived on a side road, but many people used that street to get home, or as a shortcut to some other main road. I did really enjoy listening to the sound of horses as they exercised in the large field across the road from me, and I loved the pounding of their hooves on the ground as they came and went in their rounding the field. 

Pet Bunny In Planter
©2011 PK Hawk
I also liked hearing my neighbor's parrot Pelican, as he would talk away to Clyde, my neighbor. Even the sound of traffic going past on the freeway that was about three blocks away, was just something I managed to get used to hearing. I always knew when sky divers were coming down after jumping from the plane. There was something interesting and comforting when I heard the rustle of the chutes, as they fought to open from the packaging they were in, until the ripcord was pulled. 
As the area has grown, the sounds of sirens wailing on nearby streets, it never a comforting sound, unless you are the one expecting them to come to help you. The sounds of small children have past in the neighborhood, as they are now in at least middle school, and high school. The one who broke into my house about six years ago, has finally grown up, and I think he has actually moved out of his parents home. Maybe, hopefully, he's now in college, learning something that will improve his life. 

Fresh Strawberries
©2011 PK Hawk
Here, in my new place, the sounds of summer, include more peaceful sounds, such as a few neighbors talking quietly as the walk or jog by, and the distant sounds of someone's boat motor, as they leave the shoreline to go fishing or water skiing. Once in awhile, I can hear someone's dog complaining about something, but even that is only for a few short barks. The birds along the shore make more pleasant sounds, and the sound of their flapping wings as they take off into the sky again is pleasant. The lapping sound of the small waves is calming to the mind. I can hear some traffic sounds, as cars, trucks, and an occasional fire truck, ambulance, or police car goes about the necessary things they do to help, protect and serve the community. 
We have also had a few summer showers, which is unusual in this part of the country. I love the sound of falling rain, as it falls through tree leaves, and pitter-patting on the metal awnings, and skylights. I always sleep well when it rains.

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