Monday, July 25, 2011

Learning and Developing What You Already Know

Keep adding to your knowledge, and be willing to learn more, instead of thinking that you probably already know it all.
Food Crops
Big Agriculture GMO vs Organic Farming
As long as there is life, there is always something you can still learn. 

While I don't think I actually have picked up any new skills, I have added to my abilities to improve some skills I already had. I have been working on the quality of my photography, and adding to my knowledge about healthier eating, and learning more about the quality, or lack thereof in all processed foods, including how dangerous genetically modified crops are. 

I learned about the so-called RoundUp ready soy, and corn, and that when a person eats these foods, they are actually taking in herbicides into their own body. They are also taking in pesticides, which are created in higher than natural quantities from these same foods. 

July Sunrise
©2011 PK Hawk
As a matter of fact, just this evening, I learned something I did not already know. While cabbage and broccoli are good for you, these are two vegetables that are best eaten cooked. When eaten raw, they are hard on the thyroid. So, if a person has issues with their thyroid, they would do better to take care to cook these two vegetables. All other organically grown greens, especially, are better eaten or juiced and drunk raw, in order to get the full benefit of their nutrients, without any pesticides, or herbicides. Organic vegetables are also usually higher in nutrients, as the farmers who grow them for sale as organic, take more care, to be sure the crops have more nutrients in the soil in which their crops are grown.
Nature's Bounty

If you watch Netflix, look for these videos:  King Corn, Food Inc., and Food Matters.  There are also several other videos and DVDs available to watch at home, also on Netflix.

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