Monday, July 11, 2011

What Do You Feed Your Mind And Heart?

 Pleasant Reading
Have you every started reading a book, or possibly watching a movie that had been given rave reviews, only to be so completely disappointed that it actually made your skin crawl? Well, I have on more that one occasion. I have no qualms about closing the cover, and never again look back, or get a guilty conscience, simply because someone else thought it was great. I have my own standards, and if it doesn't grab my interest, or teach me something that I am interested in learning, or entertain me, and get me involved in the story, or provide me with needed information on some reasonable level, I have no problem putting it aside. 

In the case of movies, or a series show, it also must be relevant and not just a waste of my time. I like comedies, as long as they are not stupid, dramas, as long as they are not immoral, and crime shows, as long as they are not just trying to shock me with the content and visuals. For example, the show "Bones," is interesting, and though some things get a little too spicy on occasion, I fast forward past that, as I watch online, not on television. 

I have a friend who will watch things that I find absolutely stupid, but that is in their home, and it's there TV, so I just occupy myself in other things. Every now and again, they try to find something they think I will like, as in a movie, that doesn't contain people actually involved in illicit sex. However, for some reason, they seem to think that I will like absolutely out of my head idiotic comedies. I actually prefer watching a documentary instead of something so stupid. I like things that make me think, not irritate me, or put me to sleep. 

Would you read it or watch it
with your children?
So, whether it's a book, or a movie, I have absolutely no problem shutting the book that is dull, or poorly written, or some Romance Novel that goes into graphic detail on some sexual interlude. That isn't relevant to the story, is isn't necessary to the story, it's just a way to try to get someone to read the rest of the story, or watch the rest of the movie. The same holds true regarding foul language. If someone can't get their point across without liberally showering their work with four letter words, I will also shut it down. I don't need to feed my mind on such things, and it certainly isn't good for anyone to fill their mind with it, either. After as we are what we eat, our of our heart and mind's abundance, we speak. 
Do you care what your
children watch on TV?

I believe that if I would not want a child of mine reading it, or watching it due to the content being violent, or in poor taste, then I don't need to read or watch it, either.  Remember, as a tree is bent, so it grows.  If you want a straight, tall and productive tree, you will carefully guide it, and help it develop into a strong, healthy tree.  The same goes for raising and developing your children.  They follow our example, and though a person tell them that it's OK for you to do something, but not for the child, they will eventually do just that, and see that you are using two sets of rules.  Being an adult  may allow you to make different choices, since no one will tell you that you cannot do something.  But, if you expect your child to truly respect you, they will expect you to do as they are told it the right thing, too.

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