Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is More Money The Road To Real Happiness?

If you had all the things that money can buy, would you really be happy? Many people who do have money, say they were actually happier before, when life was simpler.
Living here can't be all that wonderful.  You can't even go out without your security people.
You know, it is rather difficult to really come up with a response to a question such as, "Can money buy happiness?" I'm sure that just about anyone you ask has their own idea of whether or not money can make one happy. After all, many people live to shop, as much as many people live to eat. Both of these issues and actions can satisfy someone temporarily, but not forever. One may think that having money to buy whatever they want or need is the answer to all of their problems, but if you ask most people who do have money, many will tell you that life was so much simpler when they had less. They had less to worry about. They didn't have to worry that someone would try to rob them, or hold a loved one for ransom, or even kill them for their possessions.

The rich and famous must hire security people to protect them and their property, as well as take on more debt, just to pay for the upkeep of their homes, yachts, wardrobe, and all the bling people expect them to be wearing everywhere they go. Sure, if you had a yacht, you would have lots of friends who would be glad to share your things and your time, take trips with you, and even let you buy them things. 

But, are those people really true friends? Will they stick with you though thick and thin? Will they be there when the lifestyle and money are gone? How many formerly famous people are living alone in complete seclusion once they are out of the limelight, and their finances have dwindled? 

I know some people who just love shopping. They have closets full of clothes, and shoes, and handbags, jackets, and yet they are rather lonely, as they don't really have very many friends. One can try to fill their life with material things, and keep spending, and spending, until eventually the money runs out, or they get some dreadful illness, and fade away. 

There is an elderly woman who is cared for by a personal acquaintance, and she has lots of money. She checks her computer daily for her financial status, and lives a rather nothing existence. While her caretaker is truly concerned about her welfare, this woman's family really doesn't seem to care whether she lives or dies. They dutifully visit her about every weekend, and she gives each one of them at least five hundred dollars in cash. 

Her neighbors tell her caretaker that this woman's late husband was a horrible man, who mistreated her daily. She spent many days in bed, just crying, and crying. Now, her son who is verging on being a senior citizen, is much like his father was, and his mother has to keep in touch with him by email all throughout the day. She even has to tell him when she is going to use the restroom. She doesn't dare disagree with anything her dear son says. She is so brainwashed, that she is accepting of this treatment. Now, that son is even verbally abusive to her caretaker as well. He belittles her at every opportunity, telling her that she is mentally ill, uneducated, and stupid.  He also throws off on her for spending her hard earned money on organic vegetables for herself, and quality pet food for her dogs and cats, as if that's any of his business.  He seems to think he is one of the most intelligent people living. How can these people be happy? 

It certainly looks to everyone around these people, that the offspring are just waiting for dear old Mom to kick off, so they can get their hands on her millions. Her caretaker took her out for her birthday, to a nice dinner, and invited the woman's daughter, as well.  The daughter did nothing but complain the entire evening, and she cared nothing about the fact that the caretaker took her there, because she knew that the woman's mother loved the food served at that particular restaurant. 

No matter that she even made the lady's favorite cake for her, as a kindness, and is always trying to do nice things, for the woman, no one ever thanks her for her thoughtfulness, or the time she spends taking care of their mother. She has worked there for several years, and is treated like a slave instead of a caring companion/housekeeper/caretaker for their mother who is about ninety-three years old. 

The belligerent son brings his large breed "puppy," and tells the caretaker that he will be leaving the dog there while he and his significant other take Mom's car and go on a two week vacation. He knows full well that Mom already broke her hip when she tripped over her own smaller dog a few years ago. She now had to get around with a walker.  Mind you, this caretaker is only there during the day, and the woman, ninety-three years of age, would be alone all night, until the caretaker returned the following morning.

There certainly is need for money, as we all must buy groceries, clothing, pay rent, or a mortgage, and keep gas in our means of transportation. But, most people are working so hard to keep buying these things, and maintaining them, and then trying to make time to actually use them, that they are now working themselves into a early grave, or neglecting their families, which should be first priority, when it come to money, and how to use it. 

If a person lives within their means, they live a more peaceable life, and usually avoid many stresses that come with an abundance.

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