Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I'm Looking Forward to in 2011

"Garage Sale Time"

Personally, I am looking forward to selling this property, and buying another, with a little newer house. This place is to the point of needing more work than it is really worth putting money into.

If I sell the land for pretty much the value of the land itself, and reinvest that into a place that hopefully will have two smaller homes, allowing my older sister and I to live on the same property, and still have our separate homes, that would be ideal. However, I am more than willing to take whatever my Heavenly Father sees is suitable for me (us).

I also hope to strengthen and continue to grow spiritually, as well. I plan to do more studying and reading of scriptures, and work harder to apply Bible principles in my everyday life. I plan to simplify my life, unloading many 'things' that I own, and have accumulated, which are certainly not necessities for living, but only serve to make more work and more to worry about. After all, you certainly can't take it with you, so why let it weigh you down? I also plan to continue my writing, and several of my blogs, possibly adding a few more as the need arises.

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