Monday, January 24, 2011

The Book that Changed What My Life May Have Been

Who Left Us an Example to Follow?
Though I have always been a person who hated evil, I have learned that it is not my place to punish others for their wrongdoing. I taught my children to be decent, law-abiding people, and to treat others as they want to be treated. I only have the power and ability to try to reach people's hearts, and hope that they will make necessary changes in their lives, for the betterment of themselves, their family, as well as those with whom they have contact in their lives. If they choose not to listen, that is their choice, and they will have to accept the responsibility for their own actions, good or bad, or completely evil.

This may sound a bit like a cliche' to many of you. But, if I did not have the Bible to guide my path through life, I don't even want to think what sort of person I would have become. The scriptures and the example that Jesus left for his followers has helped me control what may have been an out of control temper, and taught me what our heavenly Father requires of his earthly children. I have also learned that God has always had a plan in place to return obedient, and faithful humans who follow his son's example, to perfection, so they could live forever here on this cleansed planet earth, as he originally created mankind to live.

After all, doesn't the designer and maker of machinery, tools, buildings and factories, know more about how it is supposed to be cared for and maintained, than people who work there? Don't you receive in instruction manual for your new car, computer and new appliances, which tells you how to avoid damaging them during use, and how to avoid overloading them, which very well could shorten their productivity, and useful lifespan?

Though Christ Jesus was a perfect man, he also was the Son of our heavenly Farther and our Creator, Jehovah God, the Supreme Ruler of the entire universe. Even Jesus said that he came to do his Father's will, and that everything he did was what his Father wanted him to do. Jesus died faithful to his Father, and refused to be tempted by Satan and his offer of giving him all the kingdoms of the earth. He also refused to put his Father to the test, by hurling himself down on top of many stones. Each time, he quoted scripture to Satan, telling him that we are not to put our heavenly Father to the test, and that it is Jehovah our God to whom we are to worship, and to render sacred service. Did you know that Satan even quotes from the scriptures? Only he twists them, to suit his own desires.

Adam & Eve Lost Perfection
and Lost Living Forever For Us All
But, Our Creator Has the Remedy
He Only Asks For Us to be Faithful,
and to Obey His Laws

The same thing goes for humans as well as the earth itself, and every living thing upon the earth. God knew what he was doing, and made it all function as a unit, with the various systems supporting each other and everything alive on the earth. God never makes rules for no reason, but for our own benefit, to help us stay healthier, and to live happier lives.

He has also even sent his only begotten Son, in Jesus, to die as a sacrifice in order to redeem mankind from the sin and death we inherited from Adam due to his falling into sin, and death. Adam had freedom of choice, yet he knew the result of disobedience would mean loss of his perfect life. Still he and his wife Eve fell from perfection, because they sinned, by stealing something which Jehovah God had already told Adam to not even touch, as that tree belonged to his heavenly Father. Yet, they chose to listen to a liar, Satan the Devil, who claimed that God had not told them the truth about the possibility of them dying if they ate from that tree.

As parents, don't we often warn our beloved children not to do things that could or would certainly lead to injury, illness or even death? They may not understand our reasoning, until many years later, but don't we correct them, even punishing them at times in order to help them to learn we are only looking out for their welfare? Christ Jesus was always obedient to his Father, and left us a perfect example for us to follow his steps closely. He and his Father know we are not perfect any longer, but they also know that if we use our freedom of choice to make wise decisions, we will be better off.
Father Teaches His Son

The Bible has many places which warn about immorality, and that if we choose to live an immoral lifestyle, we are actually sinning, not only against our Creator, but also against our own body. Immorality causes many illnesses, many of which can ruin our lives, and lead to sterility, and even death due to the resulting conditions we may acquire from that temporary pleasure.

Obedience to our Creator, and following his Son's example can only make our lives happier and keep up healthier, as well.

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