Saturday, January 8, 2011

Talking or Texting: My Thoughts

Talking or Texting?
What's wrong with this picture? 

Simply texting everything you have to say, leaves one in a void. Without human contact, face to face, or at the very least, on the telephone, or nowadays videophone, one is essentially cut off from very essential real-time contact with family and friends. Getting a email message from my dear cousin who lives some three thousand miles from me, is nice, but it definitely cannot compare to being able to hear each other's voice, or better yet, talking face to face.

This cousin happens to be very dear to me, though we have never met face to face, and I have not seen her husband of some forty some years (also a cousin) since I was about eight years old, back in 1953. When I lived in the state of Georgia, she lived in Colorado with her parents, my Aunt and Uncle, so we have never had the opportunity to really get to know each other. I do remember her husband from my childhood, as being a very kind boy about ten or eleven years old. I also recall him as being the person that introduced me to horses. It was his sister, who make a negative impression on me. They both grew up maintaining the personalities that I would have expected from my initial impression, too.

It is wonderful getting and sending messages and sending photos and such back and forth, so that is something I would never want to give up, but these things still cannot compare to actually getting to know each other on a person to person level.

My oldest grandson, is more of a texting person, and seldom really talks. One might say he is a man of few words, but he texts quite a bit. When I do get a chance to really talk with him, face to face, it is a pleasure, because he is so busy, between working, studying his college courses, and sleeping, really limits our time to communicate as much as one might like.

My friends and I email back and forth quite a bit, sharing photos and such, but it will never be comparable to the times we get together, and share a lunch, or just sit and talk, catching up with things.  Many of my personal friends also read my blogs, so they are probably reading this, too. I hope it lets them know how much they mean to me. My online friends and I have had a chance to get acquainted, which probably would have otherwise never happened, so for that, I am truly grateful.

Text or talk? I prefer talking face to face, and on the telephone, but texting and email is better than not at all.


  1. Ditto ... love the last comment. True!

    I love that your DailyPuppy. A dochshund named Brutus is too funny. We had a Brutus as well. You can see his photo here:

    You're an animal lover, eh? Not just a weahter love! Nice!


  2. Jamie, you didn't know I am an animal lover? I have an animal advocacy, and have all kinds of blogs in support of animals, as well as at least one that posts doge needing adoption, and several others exposing "FAKE PET RESCUERS" who kill every animal they can get their hands on. I have several articles and How To Guides on to teach people about Pot Belly Pigs as pets, too.