Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stress Levels in Today's World

Certainly I have stress in my life, who doesn't? Practically everyone on earth has reason to feel stress on some level. Some people certainly have more stress than others, due to changes in their lives, in their neighborhood, and in world events. After all, with finances alone, worldwide stress has been building for several years, actually since the beginning of the twentieth century, things have been headed faster and faster downhill. While there have been new inventions and new health discoveries, there has also been a flip side to practically every new positive invention.

We have laser surgery which has helped greatly in surgeries for millions, even with their eyesight. Still, we also now have laser warfare, and people who apparently are shining lasers in the eyes of pilots of jumbo jets, which in some cases has even temporarily blinded the pilots, and could cost hundreds of lives. There is even talk of space wars with lasers now.

It's as the Bible says, that if God doesn't step in and stop it all, no one will survive. Why man thinks he can fix things, is beyond me, because for six thousands of man running things and governments, things have only gotten worse, overall.

It seems that for every helpful invention, there has been the so-called equal and opposite reaction, leading to more and more powerful ways to kill mankind, as well. Why, there are now people with a computerized control panel who have the ability to kill someone on the other side of the earth, while they are sitting in a relatively safe place thousands of miles away, watching it all by a camera on a drone (unmanned plane) in the targeted area.

In today's lifestyle, we have microwaves to help us prepare meals and hot drinks faster, but now there are also microwave tools which are used in spying, and in killing, as well. While we have x-rays to help diagnose injuries and mammograms, to help catch breast cancer in earlier stages. We now also have invasive x-rays into people's homes and under their clothing too.

With the rapid financial benefits of the computer age, we also now have more identity theft than ever before, and people breaking into not only people's email, but into banking systems, and into the previously thought impenetrable government secrets, too.

With many if not most jobs going overseas, we now have millions of people out of work, and with the huge mortgage debacle, millions have lost their homes, and more millions are homeless, and hungry. Millions upon millions of people are starving to death as I write this, while there is supposed to be more food than ever before on earth. 

Why people are losing control faster than law enforcement can keep up with them. Just yesterday, an Arizona Congresswoman was shot in the head in a public shopping center, with the shooter killing at least six other bystanders, one being a little girl, and another being a US Supreme Court Judge.

If people are not affected in one way or another, they are either in complete denial, or just don't care. With terrorism rampant throughout the world, whether it is by design as many claim, or is all random as governments claim, it is still something which everyone is told to be alert to, which also raises the level of stress, and leads people into surrendering more and more of their personal rights. This alone is another cause of stress for many.

It goes back to the Bibles foretelling these things in the last days of this wicked system. Parents kill their own children, and children killing their parents. Where people used to be concerned more about their neighbors, fewer and fewer nowadays even know their neighbors. There are more and stronger earthquakes and other disasters, killing many people, and many people contracting horrific diseases from lack of proper drinkable water. With the advent of antibiotics, now bacteria are and have become immune to most antibiotics, leaving what is known as flesh-eating MERSA causing loss of lives and/or loss of limbs.

Of course people are stressed. While some are dealing with their stresses, many are not dealing nearly as well, and that is also causing more stress for many affected ones.
But, for those who believe the Bible, we know that God never lies.  God, the God of the Bible, has promised to intervene, and to put an end to man's woes, and to man's wars, as well.  He has also promised that no one will ever again have a lack of food to sustain life, and that there will be no end to His paradisaic  new system. Why, He even provided his only begotten Son to ransom mankind from the sin and death we all inherited from Adam, because he had sinned.

In essence, mankind was kidnapped before we were ever born, and have been living in a condition that is of Satan and mans doing, certainly not that of our Creator.
The God of the Bible has promised to return the earth to a paradise condition, with peace loving people who will live in peace and true security, without sickness or death.
Where would you prefer to live?  With war, crime, hunger, sickness and death, or in a place of real peace and security?
It's all in your own Bible, and it's there for anyone who really hate the way things are on earth now, to find.

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  1. It's a sad commentary. You pieced it together well, PK.

    Best wishes for 2011.


  2. Hi Jamie, True enough, this world is getting to the point of teetering on the edge, with even our food being almost too dangerous to eat, what with GMO corn and soy, filled with weed killers, and most edible vegetation full of pesticides, and fewer nutrients, it is more and more difficult for the average consumer to eat a healthy diet.

    I have even had to change my dogs diets. They have lost that "fluffy fat" and have lots more energy. My cat was also showing signs of sensitivity to junk in his diet, vomiting up cat food most would consider a very good cat food. Even he is doing a whole lot better. No corn, no wheat, and no soy, or any artificial coloring or preservatives.