Monday, January 10, 2011

The Critters I Love

Yesterday, an online friend commented on this blog, and appeared to be unaware that I am an animal lover.  SO, I am setting the matter straight, for Jamie, and everyone else that reads my posts.  I have many blogs which address various topics, this being just one of many.

I have been involved in Pet Rescue unofficially my whole life, and officially for at least eleven years.  Presently I have three dogs, which are all dogs I took in as rescues, that I kept.  Here are my three dogs and my rescued cat, and their stories.

Snow Bear & Peanut
©2010 PK Hawk
Snow Bear was rescued as an eight week old puppy.  She is now ten years old, and is absolutely one of the very best dogs I have ever had.  One day in 2001, a teenaged girl called me. It seems that she was given the puppy by a man who was trying to find homes for a litter of puppies, giving them away in front of an Albertson's Market, here is southern California.

When the girl's father got home from work, he told her that if she still had the pup when he got home the following day, he would take it to the pound.  I will tell the rest of Snow Bear's story on another posting, where I will be telling a bit more about my efforts in pet rescue.
11 year old Chihuahua
Rescued from the local pound when he was ten months old.

©2010 PK Hawk
Peanut was so abused, apparently by a man, and was so afraid of being hurt, that he was very aggressive toward practically everyone but me.  After eleven years, he is finally allowing a very few men to actually touch him without turning into a buzz-saw.

Sequoia Dawn-age 6 years
©2010 PK Hawk
 Sequoia was originally rescued as a small puppy from a rural freeway by a lady truck driver.  She never had her spayed, so when Sequoia was about three years old, she had a little of puppies. Their father was a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.  When the lady had to move out of the country for her blind husband to be closer to his aging parents, they had to leave Sequoia and the pup they kept.  I took them both in, getting them spayed, vaccinated etc.

The Puppy was named Sierra Rose.  When Sierra matured into the age of about two years, the two dogs started having problems with dominance issues.  Sierra is now a certified "Assistance Dog." and helps a lady who is bedridden, and diabetic.  She helps her dress and undress, picks up and returns anything the lady may accidentally drop, such as her insulin syringes or bottles of insulin.  Sierra now has her own personal mom, and no longer has to play second fiddle.
"Sierra Rose"
Certified Service  and Companion Dog
©2009 PK Hawk
"Buddy Cat"
©2010 PK Hawk
Buddy was a feral kitten that was born under a home, in Hemet, CA. The lady who owned the home had been involved in rescue, so fortunately had a trap enabling her to catch the litter, and tame them.  She got them all spayed and neutered, and began finding homes for the kittens.

Another rescuer who was retiring, gave the lady my phone number, and was also kind enough to transport the kitten to me when he was about four months old.  When he first came, he was afraid of everything, especially the dogs.
"Buddy Cat"
©2010 PK Hawk
Buddy hid under the false floor of my bathroom sink cabinet for about two weeks, only coming out to eat and use the litter box.  As you can see, he has adjusted well, and even plays with the dogs now.  Buddy Cat is one very lovable and cuddly cat, that just can't get enough scratching and petting.  He follows me like he's one of the dogs, which is not unusual for most every cat  I have ever had.


I also have a 1,000 gallon pool which has about forty pond fish. They were originally those little feeder fish sold at Walmart.  Now, they are between five and about eight or nine inches long, and are pretty happy outside in the large pool.  Most of the fish are about three years old now, with most being red or gold, with some being white and gold.
My Pond Fish
©2010 PK Hawk

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