Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine...

If I had an hour in a time machine I would most certainly go to where the greatest teacher of all time was teaching...

"Come Be My Follower"
"Listening To The Great Teacher"

If I had an hour in a time machine, I will take it for granted that this means I don't have to stay in that time machine, but can get out and walk around to explore my targeted chosen area.

I most certainly would head for where Christ Jesus was during his three and a half years of preaching, teaching and healing and raising the dead. Since he was born in human form in 2 B.C., that would make my target time period between 32-35 A.D.

I think the times when he was teaching the crowds that were following him would be very enlightening. Also, his sermon on the mount would be wonderful to witness as well.  Just to imagine watching him heal a leper, or give sight the a blind person would be so heartwarming, too.

There are so many things he did and said that would be astonishing to see and to hear, that it would really be so hard to really narrow it all down to one hour's time. But, I would certainly love to see him and hear him in person, just once.

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  1. An interesting and profound destination, my friend!