Friday, January 7, 2011

How I Stay Focused: The Task at Hand

"Winter Sky"
©2010 PK Hawk
I stay focused on whatever task is at hand, which is whatever it is that I am writing, letting the thoughts flow to their logical conclusion. Whether it's a short story or an email message, or driving to some distant location.

Every morning, or nearly every morning, I get up and take care of daily postings to several blogs, until the task is done, and reply my email messages, remaining focused on the things I need to accomplish.

It is somewhat like my photography, in that everything falls into place, and completes the picture that I have in my head. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and that is how I focus on the task at hand, until it all falls into place and the picture is complete.

When I am writing anything, I stay with it until it is completed, and if it's an online thing, I think look in my personal photo collection for pictures that go with the topic, to help round things out visually. After all, if it is about something I have written online, photos help to catch the eye of prospective readers. Once they read my postings, they can then decide if it's their cup of tea or not, and whether they will return to my site later, or possible even daily.

I actually get more hits on certain blogs than I do on my writings, and they are respectable in the hits that are counted.

I still have room to grow and develop though, and I am working on doing just that. I really appreciate the input from fellow Plinky writers, as it allows me to see how my posting are affecting them, or if I need to make my thoughts a bit more clear, which I occasionally need to do, as there have been times when something seemed very clear in my mind, while a reader may have seen it from a slightly different prospective.

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