Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 So Far

Whatever happened to "Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to Men?

"Peaceful Country Home"
Other than getting more rain than we have received in one year for about ten years, things are pretty much as usual, whatever that is.

I personally don't make "new years resolutions." I really don't see what good it does for most people to do so either, as most only work on their resolution for a few weeks at most. They may start out all enthused and earnestly working to fulfill their attempts to change whatever they wanted to do, only to fall back into whatever their previous routine happened to be.

While many are satisfied with their lives, others are concerned about the lives of those who are manufacturing products we buy from countries who use young children to manufacture products they sell and ship all over the world.  How would you feel if it was your child being used as forced labor, and who only make maybe enough to eat for the day, and little else?

World news reports more instability in many countries, and there have been more natural disasters, with Australia apparently in the cross hairs of some very serious rain and major storms.

Egypt is having civil unrest, seeking to oust their life president. So far, more than one hundred lives have been lost in the riots, many of those killed are reportedly policemen. Many people are concerned that similar action could occur in other countries, including the United States. Last evening, I heard on the radio that F-16s are flying over the area in question. Is this involving this country in those people's problems? That remains to be seen, I suppose.

Riot Squad
Riot Ready

 In my little corner of the world, while many are out of work and many more are still losing their homes, some are satisfied the way things are, at least for them personally. Did you know that California is the biggest welfare state in the United States? Many business are leaving this state in droves, as they can no longer afford to run their business here. Many claim they are being taxed out of business. They are either going out of business, or leaving for other more "employer friendly" states.

As for me, my property is still on the market, and with real estate being is such a slump, it may or may not sell. Time will tell.

I never wanted to live in California in the first place. You really don't have much choice when you are ten years old. The climate in California is nice enough, and offers just about any type of climate you like. But it's so polluted, and even the ground water in many areas contain heavy metals, and arsenic.

There are many areas in California which are still not over-developed, but it seems that when you relocate to an area that is more rural, and country-like, something happens that alerts city dwellers that there are cheaper places to live. They are not really country folk though. When they relocate to the rural areas, they turn these areas into pretty much the same kind of place they left. Maybe there are no high-rise buildings, but they bring with them the gangs, and crime increases, as does traffic, and noise pollution.

As you may already know, I am presently connected with a small group of animal activists, who are working to organize and get funding for a new low cost spay/neuter clinic in this area. It seems that with so many new and affluent people moving into this valley over the past twenty or so years, most veterinarians who did run affordable clinics to spay and neuter people's pets, have opted to raise their prices way beyond the financial capacity of many families with moderate or low incomes.  The only places now that are still affordable are  a thirty to fifty mile drive, each way. While our local privately run animal shelter initially planned to offer such services, when it came to having to cut costs, the first thing that was dropped from the list of new construction was that low cost clinic.

After Surgery
Potbellied Pig Pets
Spay & Neuter
That's the Ticket
 Even this shelter transports their animals to those same far away clinics for spay/neuter. They occasional will transport resident's pets to the clinics for a small fee to help cover gasoline costs. Yet, they only have limited space, as the animals from the shelter which have been adopted to new homes must by necessity have priority.

Now a Certified Service Dog
©2009 PK Hawk
Former Feral Kitten
©2010 PK Haawk
Hopefully this up and coming 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization will be able to fulfill their plans to bring to this area a reasonable priced option for more animals to be spayed or neutered, thereby helping to eliminate more unwanted and homeless dogs, cats, and yes, even potbellied pigs.

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