Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Warning: Don't Get Caught in This Scam

Don't Get Hooked!
If you get an email message that reads like this, or similar to the following message, your friend did not send it. It's from a site called FANBOOK.com.  If you click on the word "here," it will say you have to sign or register in order to see your friend's photos.  Once you do sign in, or register, you still will not see any photos from your friend, but you will have given them access to your email address book. 
They will send the same message to everyone in your addresses, and they will also be scammed.  All of their email addresses will be harvested just as yours was when your friend fell for the fake message.

Scammer's message follows:
I set up a profile where I can post photos, connect and share. 
Do me a favor and confirm our relationship here. 

Name or partial email address will be here: (Someone you write to and get messages from)

The following was copy/pasted, and enlarged, directly from the bottom of the message I received:

To control messages sent to or from you, your contacts and/or FanBox, click here.  Our offices are located at: FanBox - 255 G Street, Ste 723, San Diego, CA 92101

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