Friday, January 14, 2011

Being in the Spotlight

Inviting Audience Participation
Audience Participation
Though I have always had a love for acting and performing, I have not pursued such as a career. While I used to have the voice for it, I only did small things, as when I was in school. I really did enjoy it, but I had more than that in mind. I had more things I considered important that I wanted and needed to pursue.

 Most of my public appearances have been public speaking rather than singing or acting. In some ways, one also has to be a performer to be a speaker, as you are still connecting with your audience. You must get on a personal level, and draw your audience into what you are talking about. I personally often have a Q & A session with my audiences, which makes things more interesting and lively. While listening to anyone talking about something of interest may serve a purpose, allowing one's audience to contribute can take things to a new level, and open up new avenues that should be considered and investigated. If everything you have to say may be of interest to you and some in your audience, it may also become more of a slow drone, as well. Showing the audience that you are interested in them and their ideas and feelings on your chosen topic, actually gives you more to talk about, and to expand upon.

I think it is more important to do more than just make noise and monopolize the stage. Let people know you are there to give them information they are seeking, and that you are also looking for what more is needed by them and their community.

 As many of you already know, I am an animal advocate, and work behind the scenes to help people get their pets spayed or neutered, adopt pets, or find a home for an animal that may have been a stray or one that they can no longer keep for some reason. 
Rescued Cat (neutered)

Much of my speaking is as a Humane Educator. I have spoken at clubs, schools and parks, to varying sizes of audiences. While there are some who try to control the pet population by killing as many homeless and unwanted animals as they can get their hands on, I educate people about the importance of spay and neuter. I teach them that by preventing those unwanted pets from being produced in the first place is more humane and controls the problem at it's source. I also stress the importance of adopting pets, instead of buying them from breeders or "puppy mills" and pet shops.

Educating People About Important Things (Pets Diet)
Most of my "hammy" side is restrained and saved for doing a few things with my family and friends whenever we have big get togethers. We have several great singers and not a few performers in our family, as well as among our friends. But, we all have other things going on in our lives which we consider more important than our hamming it up from time to time.

While diversion is good, there are already plenty of people taking care of the escape mode provision for most people. The actual performers who are most in the public eye, are not exactly people I care to hob nob with. Most certainly do not live exemplary lives, either.

So, while I will certainly never be rich and famous, I am happy doing my part when and where I can, helping people and their pets, and teaching about the reasons things are as they are.

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