Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Principle Upon Which All Laws Are Based

©2010 PK Hawk

You Must Love Your Neighbor As Yourself!

With this law, there would be no need for any other laws, as it is all encompassing.

This is what every law in the Bible is based upon.

If everyone practiced this very simple law/concept, there would be no wars, no hunger, no physical abuse, no abortions, no murder, no robbery, no reckless driving, or any other things such as greed, or people dominating other people. There would be no animal abuse, or wanted slaughter of helpless creatures, no more feed lot killers and no puppy mills or unwanted pets being bred simply for financial gain.

Helpful Neighbor

The things that would no longer pose problems would be endless, if everyone did a Christ Jesus did, by showing compassion and love to everyone with whom he came in contact.
Good Friends

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