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Idolize or Admire? There is a Difference

Example of Idols
Some of These Are Even Worshipped
 or Bowed Down To

I have never idolized anyone that is human. There is a huge difference between idolizing someone or something and in admiring them. Christ Jesus himself said we were not to worship idols, or be induced to bow down to them or to serve them...

All through the Bible, it is definite on the subject of idols. If your Bible has an index, look up the word "idol," and see for yourself. The God of the Bible repeatedly warned his people to never even create an idol to bow down to, or to worship. He destroyed thousands in the wilderness for making and bowing down to an idol.

Definition of "idol or idolize" from Wikipedia:

An idol can be defined as an image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed or any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion.[1]

Hindu Idol of Worship
 More specific terms include:

Cult image, a religion-neutral term for a man-made object that is venerated for the deity, spirit or daemon that it embodies or represents.
Idolatry, a term used in monotheism for the worship of cult images, termed idols, perhaps tending towards iconoclasm, the destruction of images.
Idolization, (verb: to idolize): as an excessive admiration, devotion, envy or attachment to a person or thing.
Idol of Buddha

Murti, a point of focus for devotion or meditation in Hindu and Buddhist religion (not always man-made).

Just ten days ago, the thirteen year-old son of his neighbor was killed while riding his bicycle along the street. He died of massive head injuries.  Would you even consider praying to or otherwise worshipping the bike on which he was killed, or the car that hit and killed him?  
A Primary Idol of


I have admired many people. There is always the obvious, Jesus Christ, as he was God's own Son, and though being human while on earth, he was perfect, in mind and in body. He left his followers many examples of what were not only acceptable but also necessary for humans to aspire to, in order to please his heavenly Father. He was the perfect example of demonstrating love and compassion to his fellow man, as well as showing and explaining things which were unacceptable to his Father, and to him, since he was the perfect reflection of his Father in heaven.

 Even today, there are many people I admire, as they are kind, decent and caring people, who would never deliberately hurt anyone, or try to cheat anyone out of anything.

While it is impossible for imperfect people to never err, we can still refrain from deliberate sinning.

Definition of "admire" from Miriam Webster's Dictionary (online):
ad·mire verb \əd-ˈmī(-ə)r\


Definition of ADMIRE

transitive verb

1: to regard with admiration

2 archaic : to marvel at

intransitive verb

dialect : to like very much <I would admire to know why not — A. H. Lewis>

— ad·mir·er noun

— ad·mir·ing·ly adverb

See admire defined for English-language learners »

Examples of ADMIRE

We gazed out the window and admired the scenery.

 Origin of ADMIRE

 Middle French admirer, to marvel at, from Latin admirari, from ad- + mirari to wonder, from mirus astonishing

First Known Use: 1566

Related to ADMIRE

Synonyms: appreciate, consider, esteem, regard, respect,

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