Thursday, January 20, 2011

Technology's Impact on Families

Mushroom Cloud as in WWII
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

While advances in technology over the past decade or two has provided many ways for people to connect, it has unfortunately also kept many people so distracted, or wrapped up in things such as video games and social media that the family circle, in many cases is becoming completely fragmented.

Many people live virtual lives, instead of real ones. They may be out of shape, and manage to escape that reality, by creating the shapely, buff virtual physique, which may be, lacking in reality, as well as developing even a fake personality as well. In real life they may lead a relatively normal life, raising children, going to work, or just loafing around the house, doing nothing, while online, they may be someone completely different, actually leading immoral lives, or playing the role of an assassin, killing imaginary foes, with full enthusiasm along with blood and gore that otherwise they would consider completely repulsive.

Families used to eat meals together, especially the evening meal, sharing the days events, and yes, even talking and taking an interest in the lives of their family members. Nowadays, thing are so different, with each person having their own television and/or computer stashed away in their own bedroom. Youths were once able to learn from their elders, and siblings. Many youths in today's society seem to think they can no longer communicate with their parents, and are so busy texting their friends (many of whom their parents probably don't even know), that they are completely disconnected from their own flesh and blood.

 More people appear to be so wrapped up in their online friends, that they forget about the world in which they physically live, choosing to play make believe, virtual fantasy lifestyles, escaping reality. By such, it seems that many people are hidden away in their own private fantasy world, instead of visiting and joining with their own family and friends who are real in the flesh walking, talking human creatures.

While the internet does offer many interesting and educational options, as well as movies one can watch online, without the necessity of paying for movies in a theater or renting movies, they are also missing out on interaction, not to mention hot, fresh popcorn, and hot dogs, served in the local theater.

It’s really a shame how so many people seem to be losing touch with reality, while there are so many ways one can benefit from living and communicating with real, live humans. How often have you heard news reports about young teens or even adults who have left home in search of some alternative life? We have all heard about young girls usually, sneaking away to meet someone they don’t even know, except online. Many of these people are not what they represent themselves to be at all. There are many who have actually molested these young girls, and some who have actually killed them.

While we have the benefits of such things as micro wave ovens, which certainly are great time savers, they also may actually be harmful to our health, and may even contribute to various illnesses, such as cancer, or even interfere with natural brain function. While cell phones, and the latest things, such as smart phones, are certainly time savers, they also offer more ways to escape, and waste more time, as well.

 It goes to show, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That holds true in so many new developments and inventions that seem to be just what we all need. Even when man discovered nuclear fission, while it did and does still have many beneficial advances, it directly lead to nuclear armaments and the threat of nuclear war. While nuclear electric plants help mankind in many ways, they also present more possible targets for terrorists, and mass destruction, even if by accidental leaking of radio activity, such as was the case in Russia, several years ago, leading to loss of many lives. Even Japan still is feeling the effects of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in WWII.

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