Saturday, December 18, 2010

Truth or Lie or Withhold All the Truth? How Do You Feel?

Is it always better to know the truth, even if it hurts?
Me and myself May Be (Self Deception)
There are times when the truth can be detrimental to a person. This question as with many others, is relative. One can either lie, or just remain silent on certain issues. Outright lying though is immoral. To deliberately tell someone a lie, is not acceptable or scriptural.  Lying by omission is also lying.  If you cannot tell tell someone something without lying, then it would be best to remain silent.  Even Christ Jesus did not answer every question put to him.  There are some questions that people may ask to taunt you.   There are times when it is just better to remain silent.

As an example, a doctor will not always tell a patient the whole truth of their condition in serious health matters. Not everyone really wants to know everything about serious health concerns, while others prefer knowing every detail so they know exactly what they are facing, as well as their options for a full recovery, or how long they may still have to live in case of a potentially fatal illness or injury.

Personally, I belong in the latter category. When I sustained a potentially fatal or life changing neck and spinal cord injury, I wanted to know everything about the details, so I could plan my solutions and options, as well as how the damage could or would affect the rest of my life.

Some people cannot face the truth, and even if they may not have a problem with their doctor sharing the facts with their family, they may choose to remain in ignorant bliss.

This question as with many others in life, is not always a simply black or white issue. Of course there are times when withholding the truth is not only immoral, but also could be for reasons of deception, which could cause serious injury of loss of money or even real property to the person lacking full information or have been lied to. Then this could be actual theft of someone’s personal financial stability.

Again, one must consider all the options, as well as whether or not the truth would help or hurt the person in question.

        Misrepresentation or Deceptive Sales?

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