Thursday, December 30, 2010

Singers I'll Always Love Listening To

Though I can't think of any specific album, I can think of certain songs, and genre that I really could listen to forever.

                                  Céline Dion à Bercy - 25 mai 2008
I could listen to just about anything Celine Dion sings forever. I love a lyric soprano voice, as I grew up listening to my own mother who had such a lilting lyric soprano voice, singing songs that most people couldn't ever hope to imitate. My voice was made for those same songs, but I lost most of my singing ability when I had my second neck surgery.

I still love listening to these types of voices, and occasionally still try to some some of the songs I once sang easily.

I also love listening to Susan Boyle, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, as well as many who don't come to mind right now. I also loved hearing Diana Ross, and someone you have probably never heard of, and that's my cousin Robert Armstrong.

Cousin Bob is in his seventies now, and still has a stellar singing voice. I think he's the only person on my father's side of the family who could even carry a tune in a bucket, and he has made up for those who couldn't hope to sing a song without scaring off the birds.

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