Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Favorite Sound is Falling Rain and Water Rushing Over Rocks

Ahhh, in nature all is silent except the rain and rushing stream, with water bounding over any rocks and boulders in its path.
Waterfall After the Rain

My favorite sound is raindrops falling and hitting the leaves of trees, and a babbling brook while it is rushing over rocks in a stream. While I would gladly listen to either, it is all the more relaxing when I can hear them both together.

All else is silenced as birds hide away in their refuge among natures bounty of trees and little niches and overhangs. Predators too are sheltered away in caves and burrows. The majestic eagle stays hidden from view when the rain is falling, too. Wolves sequestered away in their dens, as ants and spiders seek places to escape the wet penetrating precipitation.
Why fishes even dive deeper to escape the now more active surface of their home, be it river, stream or lake. Down deeper, it is more secure, with hiding places for them for sure.

Until the sun shows it's face again, and the rainbow fades from view, nature's creatures will stay where they can be dry, and feel secure, until the sun comes shining through.

Until the sun comes shining through...

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