Monday, December 27, 2010

My Top Four Favorite Funny People of All Time

I just couldn't stop at three.

1963 ... 'The Nutty Professor'
1- Red Skelton
He did so many great sketches, and made so many people laugh every week, until he became so disgusted with the people in Hollywood, that quit performing, and never again showed his face while he was alive. That was a gigantic loss to the people who waited with baited breath to see his next show on TV.

After Red Skelton died, slowly, some of his shows and a few of his movies have been once again allowed to be shown. Anyone who has ever watched his portrayal of "Freddy the Freeloader," would love to see his acts again.

2- Bob Hope
Bob Hope and his sidekicks always were good for belly laughs, whether live or in their so-called "Road-Shows," as in Road to Rio, just to name one.

3- Lucille Ball
Lucy played Lucy Ricardo with her former husband Desi Arnaz, who played Ricky Ricardo for several years on TV, in the late 1940s through the mid 1950s, but even though Lucy and Desi are both gone, that show is still shown today, and it still has many fans.

4- Oh yes, and Jerry Lewis
I could hardly wrap this up without mention ing Jerry Lewis, one of my favorite actors and comedians. There were many movies which Jerry and his half brother Dean Martin performed, but personally, I always preferred watching Jerry.

One of my favorite movies was the original version of "The Nutty Professor," which I once highlighted as one of my favorite movies of all time. Jerry played a high school professor who was pretty wrapped up in his work, and wasn't really very handsome. He formulated a concoction that turned him into a debonaire hot shot, wild and crazy dancing fool who all the young high school kids went crazy over. He finally won the heart of his lady love, when everything began to fall apart. Does he get the girl in the end? Why don't you look up this movie on Netflix, and see for yourself? Maybe it's even available for sale in places like Walmart, too.

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