Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Carbon Footprint, etc.

Pandora's Box
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                                                   World leaders
Since all life on earth is carbon based, one can only do so much to reduce their their total carbon "footprint." There appears to be at least one group that thinks there are earth benefits to helping at least a few billion people die off sooner than what is considered natural, yet they use more of this earths resources than thousands of us "regular" folk.

I certainly don't believe in wasting electricity or water, but that doesn't mean I have to live in the dark, or stop living so these greedy, self-important ones can have everything they want while I have to live like a hermit in a cave someplace, either.

If you believe in the Bible and what it says, then you may already know that the Bible says that it our Creator let things continue as they have been, heading down hill faster and faster, until man would eventually kill every living thing on earth. I firmly believe the Bible, where is states that the time is near, and quickly approaching when God will intervene and put a permanent stop to all of man's foolishness.

As for my personal "carbon footprint," I have contacted my electricity provider and asked where I might save more energy, and I answered their questions, They told me that they saw no way I could cut back more than I already have.

I look forward to the time when God steps in and ends the wickedness that prevails on this perfect planet which man is ruining as fast as he possible can. I also look forward to the time when the most evil influence in existence, Satan the Devil is stopped for all time manipulating people and feeding their greed and desire for more and more power and control over other people.

Until that time, I pray that I don't get sidetracked and fall into some of Satan's crafty lairs, and lose site of the plan God had in place since Adam and Eve first sinned, when they fell for Satan's first lie, that man could know as much as God, and not have to listen to His direction and advice. We all can see where that's gotten the human race.

As for carbon dioxide, it is something essential to life on earth. Mammals breathe in air, and exhale carbon dioxide. Plant life absorbs carbon dioxide, and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. If people weren't so determined to have so much meat in their diets, the methane gases would drop exponentially and there would be more land to grow essential food crops for people to eat. If people ate more legumes and nuts, they would require less meat, as their best source of protein would be through legumes, nuts and seeds. Other than that, people need more vegetation in their diets. We are made from this earth, and it produces the elements we need to live.

As many are finally figuring out these genetically modified foods (GMOs), such as corn and soy, are so far from what was created by our maker, they are now toxic and have flooded most countries. These things are another example of man thinking he is equal to God, or that there is no God, and man supposedly got here either by accidental happenstance, or was implanted by some aliens from another solar system.

This, like so many subjects is a huge topic, and is much too detailed to consider here. So, I will stop for now.

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