Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moar Kittehs! - Oh Yes!

         I'm haaangin' heere HEP ME, OK? 
         HEY, get me DOWN, like NOW!

To be perfectly honest, I had never even heard of "Lolcats" until this morning. I actually had to google it to even find out what "Lolcats" was. It is funny, what with me being an animal advocate, and having been actively online for about eleven years, and I had never even once heard that word, or of the sites that have the word(?)" Locats" in their search words.

I didn't have time to wander all over online to look at each site that popped up on Google under that 'word,' but at least I now know what it is. The site I saw had a really cute video up, with a mama cat having her two kittens in a sort of playhouse/kiddy slide, combination thing. The kittens kept going down the slide, one at a time, walking a little way, and then sliding all the rest of the way to the bottom of the slide.  The kiddy slide is now a kitty slide.

When mama kitty saw one kitten leaving home, she went to retrieve it, by the scruff if it's neck, carrying it back up to the kitty/play house. As soon as she was busily putting one kitten back in it's little box, the other one was already at the door beginning it's journey down the slide. Mama kitty sees the second kitten on it's way down, when it also slides the rest of the way down to the bottom of the slide. That video plays over and over, making it appear there must be about 6 to 8 kittens doing their little slide, with mama retrieving each time.

Personally, being such a Critter Nut, I rather enjoyed it. I will likely Google Lolcats again, and venture into many a domain to see what other shenanigans people's pet kitties are up to.

Help Mom, this dog's tryn' to eat me!
Anyone notice?
The cats bigger than the dog?
One slight adjustment here... When I wrote Lolcats in the photo
search, I find I have actually seen many of these things. I just never heard or saw that anyone called them "Lolcats." I actually have many of these on my computer in my hard drive of photos. Occasionally, I have seen a few that were beyond dumb, but for the most part, I kinda' like them, myself. Funny animals things are a good way to brighten up an otherwise dreary or boring day.

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