Monday, December 13, 2010

My Three 2010 Must-Do's

Healthy Eating
Eat lots of healthy natural foods

Well, you see, if one fails to eat, they become weaker and weaker, until eventually, you will begin to look like someone who didn't survive the holocaust.

 It also helps your energy levels.

Fresh Clean Water

Drink lots of  H2O and herbal teas

Herbal Tea
Because it keeps my body hydrated, and my brain functioning. Besides, if I failed to stay hydrated, I would very likely be history within approximately three days.

Natural Herbs

Take my herbal supplements and be sure to reorder them before I run out.

Because they have helped immensely with my health and have really helped me get my body back on an even keel. And I needed to maintain my thyroid, and adrenal levels, as well as to help flush out toxins which one takes in just by living in a polluted world.

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