Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Help When & Where I Can

Only one main group, and some personal hands on situations, and internet activity to help certain situations.
No Pictures Please!
Plinky, don't you think this is a very personal thing? Sometimes you get way too invasive. There may be many worthwhile charities alright, but many also pay their "officers" such inflated wages, that it really seems to be a way for the organization's heads to have secure employment, public recognition, invitations to fancy dinners, hobnobbing with politicians as well as creating and maintaining an inflated ego to boot.

There are actually some very dedicated groups in various categories who work for free of nearly so.

Many people also choose to give directly to persons they can see are actually in need, or to an organization they can investigate and verify that the greatest percentage of their donation is actually going to help whatever cause they want to support. Many people also help out hands on, freely giving of their time and energy to help persons and groups in their neighborhood. Some people actually befriend and attend dying neighbors who have been abandoned by their so-called friends, who just didn't have what it takes to help a dying person by personal attention and caring, listening to them, and not blubbering, allowing them to talk about whatever they wish, just being a listening ear and affording them respect as a person, not a mere inconvenience to those who are still living and too busy to help them in their final days and hours.

Personally, I know one organization that has done enormous relief work in the aftermath of enormous disasters. Officers as well as volunteers only receive a stipend to help them cover their living expenses. They all have other employment to support their other wants and needs. Many of these volunteers pay their own travel expenses, and don't accept a penny for their other expenses either. They do so out of concern for their fellow man, and to help anyone in these areas who has been wiped out, even rebuilding homes at no cost whatsoever. The officers and volunteers do not brag about their deeds, or seek publicity. They just get the job done. This is the one and only thing I donate to, except for occasional (as I can afford) to help people get their pets spayed/neutered, and to help with costs for certain animals being given medical care that will hep them recover from an injury, thereby helping them become adoptable. I also create blogs and web sites to educate the public about their animals, and help to promote rescue/adoption organizations though my writing and blogging, etc.

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