Monday, December 20, 2010

Travel Plans?

"Weary Holiday Travelers"
You must be kidding. Though I don't celebrate the holidays, I definitely try to stay off the road, especially during those times. There are just too many drunk drivers, and people are too stressed or too tired to be driving, as well. It's safer to stay home where it's nice and warm and cozy, with a good book, and maybe a nice cup of hot chocolate or tea.

Many people arrive too tired to really enjoy their trip, and get frustrated with all the security issues they have to face if they fly, too. Especially now, with all the hazardous weather conditions all across the country, there will be flight delays, and more stress than I would care to deal with. If I were planning a trip, it certainly would not be during a holiday season.

Whether one is planning to travel by car, bus, airplane, or a train, it will usually be miserable experience when so many others are also traveling at the same time. I prefer a more relaxed time, when everyone isn't worried about the usual things that happen on holiday travel days.

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