Monday, December 6, 2010

Could We Live Forever? The God of the Bible and His Son, Christ Jesus Both Say Yes We Can

I hope I am not driving you all nutty with my detailed way of telling you why I say certain things, or believe the way I do, but there is no other option if I am going to answer this question posed by today. I've tried to ignore it, and work on some of my blogs, etc., but I guess I will bite the bullet and just go for it. The choice is ours, but the rules are Gods, not mans. It isn't nearly as complicated as religious leaders would have you believe, for they fill a little bit of scripture with man's thinking and traditions, which Christ Jesus said were not from God.
"The Lion and the Lamb Will Feed,
Together, Their Young Will Lie Down for a While"
Isaiah 11:6-9
OK, here goes:

If I do live forever, in a paradise on earth as promised by the God of the Bible, I certainly would take every step necessary to be acceptable to Him as a person who has tried to follow in Christ's footsteps, and to keep myself from soaking up the things that He does not approve of that are commonly practiced in society today.

Still, more important than that, Jehovah, (Yahweh, or YHWH) has said that before this wicked system ends, and His new one enters the scene visibly, His name would be spread throughout the earth, so that people would know what God's personal name really is, and what it means, as well. He also says that sheeplike people who are not haughty will be streaming to His organization, to learn more about the God of the Bible, and what His plans are for honest-hearted people who are fed up with things as they are worldwide, as well as in false religion.

While no one is perfect, due to the inherited sin from Adam, we can all still learn about the Creator of heaven and earth, and even get to know Him and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

According to scripture, Christ is no longer a babe in a manger, and is not really to be worshipped. Jesus himself said that no one was "GOOD," except his Father in heaven.

Christ is the new king of the heavens and the earth, and will soon, take his rightful place fairly and lovingly ruling over the "new earth and the new heavens." Many people seem to think that this present earth will literally be destroyed, but that is not what the Bible says. What is does say is that the earth will be cleansed of any sign of the previous, ungodly inhabitants, and worldly rulers, who have not only ruled mankind to his injury, but as is becoming more obvious, is now within the possibility of wiping out all life on earth. Things are so polluted, and evil, with hoards of people now deeply involved in spiritism, instead of wanting to know more about the Creator who loves mankind as a group so much that He send His one an only Son to earth to be born as a human, so that He and His Son could prove Satan to be the liar that he is.

Satan challenged God, Jehovah stating that no human would continue to worship Him, but for what He gave them. Job also proved Satan is a liar, but he was also an imperfect human, and not righteous enough to ransom mankind from the sentence of sin and death we all inherited from Adam.

Jehovah God, allowed Satan to be the "Authority of the Air," or all worldly governments and to mislead people's worship, so they would no longer know who God really is, and that he loves mankind, and that Satan only has a short while longer to keep up his charade, and influencing so-called preachers in the pulpit, as well as world rulers.

The Bible straightforwardly condemns such things as immorality, creating and bowing down to idols, as well as fortune telling, astrology, attempting to communicating with the dead, and things like these.

The alloted time for Satan to influence the events on earth is quickly drawing to a close, and earth's New King will soon eliminate all wickedness, wars, military equipment, and all rulers who refuse to accept Christ Jesus as the rightful King over mankind. After all, didn't Christ die a horrible death for man's benefit?

The scriptures state that the "harlot that sits on many waters," meaning false religion, will soon be wiped out by the very governments which have supported her, and allowed her to dabble in political affairs, which is also against God's laws.

When Jesus was on earth, did he not say that we pay to Cesar, the things that are Cesars', but God's things to God? Remember when he was asked about paying taxes, he showed a coin of the realm, and asked, "Whose picture is on the coin?" The reply was, "Ceaser's." Money is nothing to the God who owns everything. God nor His Son, Jesus Christ need money. They want our loyalty, and love, as they have been loyal and shown love to provide things that people on earth need in order to survive, day to day. God provides sunshine for good and bad, as well as air to breathe, and lets the ground shoot forth crops to feed people. Why, when Noah and his family were finally able to set foot on dry land again, after the great flood, God gave them permission to eat meat, for the first time. his only stipulation was, that the blood, or life force of the animals was to be poured out on the ground and covered with dust.

Mankind, as well as the animals, and even vegetation all come from the dust of the ground, so pouring the blood out on the ground, not only showed respect for the fact that all life belongs to God, our Creator, but that since blood is the source of carrying all nutrients throughout our bodies, it is rightfully said by God, to be the person's life, or spirit, or soul.

  • Scripture references: Matthew 6:9, 10 (The Our LORD, or LORD's Prayer) Read it slowly, and aloud, maybe you will learn something that you have overlooked before.
  • Isaiah 11:6-9: A description of part of what the paradise earth will be like to live on.
  • There are many, many more scriptures I could quote, as many of you already know.

I will provide you with a web site, where you can get all the answers and even a free home Bible study, if you are so inclined. It's all free, but if you choose to donate, that can also be done. No one is forced to pay for the truth of the Bible. Another scripture states, "You received freely, give freely." Another says, "Come, take life's waters free."

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