Sunday, December 26, 2010

How I Would Fight Cabin Fever on Snow Days

                                 Snow Capped Mountain as Seen From Where I live February 2010                                                          
Living in Southern California at about 1,300 foot elevation, I don't get snowed in. At least I haven't in the fifty-five years I have lived in California. If I lived in one of the mountain communities, that would certainly be a possibility though.

So, let's just say for the sake of argument, that I lived in an area called Julian, CA. Now there, one could definitely get enough snow to be snowed in. I know, for I often hear on the news that Julian is one of the areas that not only gets snowed in, but they also get hit with some pretty serious fires in the summertime in California.

Living in such an area, most folks prepare ahead of time for such eventualities, stocking up on such things as firewood, food, plenty of safe drinking water, and have their cell phones handy, just in case their landlines go out. people up there also have vehicles with good tires, snow chains, etc.
If I lived in a place where getting snowed in was a possibility, I too would have these things in place. I did live in Ohio as a youngster, so I do remember what it's like when lots of snow falls. We all sat around listening to the radio and Mom telling us stories, and having hot chocolate. We also had delicious homemade soup, or some of my mother's wonderful stew. As an adult, I would likely be reading or if internet were still functioning, I would be communicating with my friends, and checking up on local weather conditions.

A a small child, it was fun to play in the snow with sleds and making a snow man, too. I played until my fingers and toes were burning, at which time I ran inside to warm up again. When we lived in Ohio, the streets were full of that lovely white stuff, and we used the road as a slope for our sleds to fly down. Snowball fight were a blast, too. Still, being really snowed in can mean that the snow outside is possible half way up the walls of the house, too. In such a case, if you just can't even get out your door, that's when you snuggle in for the duration. It's important to keep the heat going, which will hopefully help melt some of the snow off the roof, and keep the heather roof vents from getting covered with snow, preventing fume buildup inside. Tall vent pipes are in order is such areas, or good tall chimneys to help prevent their being blocked by snow.

December 2010, So Far-Near My Home
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