Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Countries I'd Like to Visit

This is a tough one. I don't think there is enough time to really see everything I would like.

Australian Cattle Dog
aka Queensland Heeler
First I'd like to visit Australia. The only problem with that is, that I think once I got there, I don't think I would want to leave. I really like the Australians I have met, and watch every travelogue about Australia that I can. I have always loved wide open spaces, of which Australia has more than it's share, to be sure. Of course, I would naturally have to visit the Australia Zoo while I was there, too.
Italian Mountain Community

If, and that's a "BIG IF," I left there, I think I would like to visit Italy, and take in the sights, and meet the Italian people who are just the everyday people. I would like to travel by bicycle, or possible horseback if I had the opportunity to travel outside of cities. I always prefer countryside rather than any city.

Then, I think I might enjoy traveling through Canada's more rural areas. Hiking or riding a horse would be my first choice as a way to travel. I have met many very nice people from Canada, and I think it would be a most interesting and lovely country to visit.

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